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Born in Pelham Manor, New York. Graduated from Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts. Married to Edward (now retired television writer). Two daughters, two grandchildren.
First job: editorial assistant Cosmopolitan Magazine. Eventually worked with Edward on movie/fan magazine articles (Modern Screen and Photoplay). Wrote freelance pieces for TV Radio Mirror, Deseret, Family News. Worked with Edward on television movies, Marcus Welby, Ironside, Mission Impossible, Defenders, East Side/West Side, Police Woman, Streets of San Francisco, Medical Center, Dynasty (94 episodes), In The Heat of the Night, Janek, etc. Paperback book: “All About The Beatles”. Lived in Manhattan for many years. Also lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, London, England, Chelsea, SW3 to be exact -- between the embankment of the Thames River and King's Road. We never realized at the time that Margaret Thatcher was a neighbor on Flood Street. Moved to California in 1971. Bought a home in Studio City in 1979. Owned and operated a women’s sportswear/beachwear boutique on Ventura Blvd. at Laurel Canyon. Love of music, especially rock n roll, Broadway, opera, symphonic. Grows cymbidium orchids, loves to cook Well-traveled especially through the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Hawaii. An opinionated old bag known as "Den Mom" by contemporaries. Part-time event planner for several high school reunions (3 to 4 day events). Lost older daughter (Michelle Maria) to colon cancer. Daughter Gioia Cristina lives close by with her children (grandchildren: Chloe and Collin). Frequent contributor to “Best of the Web Today” on Wall Street Journal. Political campaign work - John V. Lindsay campaign for Mayor of New York. Participated in election poling for John F. Kennedy Presidential election. Bill Clinton for President campaign. Became disillusioned with him and Democratic Party after his shenanigans. Switched party affiliation with a firm belief in smaller government, conservative fiscal policies, personal freedom. Became a congressional delegate for Mitt Romney in 2008 – could not serve in 2012 because of daughter’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis and treatment schedule. Invited to final two days of Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida by the California Delegation -- a true highlight of my life Served as a board member for the "Getting Them Sober" Foundation. Certified counselor: substance abuse (retired). Worked on behalf of Studio City in its fight over redistricting and redrawing of Los Angeles City Council map. Studio City won! Belief: A true patriot will defend his country against its government. I consider myself a Christian although a lapsed Catholic. Dedicated contributor to Studio City Patch.
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Irene DeBlasio's thoughts and ruminations
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Irene DeBlasio's thoughts and ruminations
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Irene DeBlasio's thoughts and ruminations
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Midnight buffet moves from the Love Boat to your local supermarket deli counter.
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