Report Finds Suspensions for Grammar School Students Are on The Rise

Opinions are divided on the merit, fairness and value of suspensions

According to a report by the New York Civil Liberties Union, suspensions for four- to 10-year-olds has increased by 76 percent since Mayor Bloomberg has taken over control of New York City public schools.

Under the mayor’s “zero tolerance” policy, a child can be suspended automatically if they are fighting in school.

However, NYCLU pointed out, this sort of frequent reliance on removing kids from school backfires and doesn't work as a deterrent.

In fact, a report by the same agency released in January showed that special-needs students and black students were more likely than other kids to be kicked out of class.

But some educators feel that suspensions and removing kids from classrooms are a necessary disciplinary measure when no other alternatives work. 

One high school principal from Bedford-Stuyvesant felt that suspensions were the only serious punitive measure available to keep classrooms running, and that an inability to remove a disruptive student from a classroom reinforces to all of the students that there will never be a consequence for bad behavior.

“It permits bad behavior and allows a handful of kids to hold and entire class hostage,” said the principal, who did not want to be named. “When a teacher cannot remove a disruptive child from a classroom, the teacher ends up focusing on the one who is misbehaving, and learning is interrupted for all of the other students.”

What do you think? Do you feel that suspensions are a necessary measure to maintain discipline and order in a classroom? Or do you feel that the number of suspensions for grammar school students is excessive and that alternative measures should be explored?

Tell us in the comments below.

SBackus March 11, 2011 at 10:50 PM
OK, blame Bloomberg - he's an ineloquent weasel, but not enuf folk complained about term 3!Just wait until all of those teacher firings & the larger class size begin. THEN you'll see fighting and suspensions! But, hey you Parents, here's a tip - monitor your own behavior because your kids pick up on your negativity & bring it to school. If I had a dollar for every mom walking down the street with her & others kids - cursing and plotting what she'll do to so and so... I went to school around here and learned. NO ONE was ever kicked out of any class I attended. You'd be embarrassed. Now it's a badge of honor - a rep builder. Seriously, step up mom, dad, gramma, pop-pop - YOU ARE YOUR CHILD'S 1st TEACHER! Parents get to the school for a copy of the zero tolerance rule - what's specifically defined. Some of it is arbitrary. And you teachers out there - rethink your seating arrangements, it's late in the game, but move the hell raisers closer to you to monitor them - yea I called 'em that! And Remember, some lil ones are on meds thru no fault of their own - chemical imbalances.
Beverl segers March 12, 2011 at 05:18 PM
You know and I know that there are very few students in Bedford Stuyvesant that are white. Most of the Student in this citys school system are black., exception maybe Manhattan. Most of the teachers white. There is no real integration in new York City Schools, especially in Brooklyn. Most of the students are Black, duh. I beleive in supspensions of disruptive students, but how can you say most of the kids suspended are black kids, when most of the kids in the schools in Bed-stuy are black. THIS IS RACIAL PROFILING AT ITS WORST.


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