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Parents Happier with Schools than Teachers, Says Survey

Almost a million New York City teachers, parents and students were asked to rate their schools.

Parents, teachers and students all weighed in to rate their public schools, and the results were largely mixed, says the New York Times.

The report cards show that two-thirds of parents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott, compared with just over one third of the teachers, says the paper.

A staggering 94 percent of parents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their child’s public school education this year, according to the Times.

As for teachers, more than half of them said their current evaluation system – where they are rated as either “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” – does not leave room to recognize excellent performance, says the paper.

And the Times says that more than four out of five students said they feel safe in the hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms at their school, which was about the same as last year.

967,000 parents, teachers, and elementary and middle school students participated in the survey.

Sara July 23, 2012 at 04:10 PM
These are such positive findings. It's a very interesting discrepancy though for the parents and kids to feel so good about school and teachers to be on the other side of the spectrum...i wonder why that is


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