New Law Impacts Financial Aid Funding

New Important information on financial aid for individuals without High School Diploma or GED!

Restoration’s newest tenant, TCI asked us to bring to the community’s attention, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 212 (Public Law 112-74), a new law that significantly impacts financial aid program funding for those considering college. 

Effective July 1, students who do not have a high school diploma or GED, will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid for pursuing an Associates or a Bachelors Degree.  

Given the sunset of this federal aid funding, anyone without a high school or GED that might be interested in obtaining financial aid to enter into an Associate’s Degree or Bachelors Degree  program should do so before July 1.  

If this an option for you or someone you know, we encourage you to research potential institutions that meet your needs.  One potential option for you might be TCI, which recently opened their new site at Restoration (1360 Fulton Street, 3nd floor) earlier this year. TCI has day and evening classes in 21 Associate Degree programs and ESL courses.

TCI offers a wide range of hands-on programs in Business, Digital Media, Healthcare, Technology and Engineering, etc.  From April to June, TCI will be hosting Open Houses weekly on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Wednesday  from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  For more information and to reserve your seat for the Open House, please call 212-594-4000 ext. 5171 or visit tcicollege.edu.

We realize that college enrollment might not be an option for everyone, and therefore we want to use this opportunity to let you know that there are several free programs in the community to assist individuals in obtaining a GED and/ or vocational education.

Here are a few organizations we work with as part of the Coalition for the Improvement of Bedford Stuyvesant: 

SCO New Horizons (GED), 75 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225, (718) 455-1166 

Brooklyn Adult Learning Center (GED/vocational training), 475 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 (718) 638-2635

Brooklyn Job Corps Center (vocational training), 585 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205, (718) 623-4000

Brooklyn Public Library - Macon Branch (GED)361 Lewis Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233, (718) 573-5606

Restoration's Customer Service Center would be happy to assist you in exploring options that might work best for you. Please stop by at our Customer Service Center at Restoration Plaza (across from Duane Reade) or call us at (718) 636-6994.


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