Readers' Choice Winners: Best Places to Stay-cation in Brooklyn

Staying nearby doesn't mean being bored

According to Wikipedia, "stay-cation" means staying near home and taking it easy while enjoying the neighborhood as if you were a visitor. And since our readers are the real experts we asked you to make the call on the best places to relax without hitting the road.

Here are the results:

Carroll Gardens

We start off with a three-way tie as the people of Carroll Gardens show us just how much they like their parks by putting , and on top.

Prospect Heights

Another neighborhood and another tie for outdoor activies between the and .

Ditmas Park

Fans of horticulture continue to dominate as the squeaks past , as the comes in third.

Fort Greene-Clinton Hill

Sound a fanfare for the as it "scored" a win against and which tied for second.

Windsor Terrace-Kensington

The roared into first with a commanding 88 percent of the vote, while chilled out in second place with 11 percent.


People certainly seem to feel it's fun to stay-cation at the which garnered 43 percent of the vote. came in second with 25 percent, while came in third with 12 percent.

Park Slope

As in Bed-Stuy there was no need to feel down at the which muscled past itself in second and the in third.

Congrats to the winners! Check back next week when we will be sampling the best catered food services.


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