Should Cuomo End Stop-And-Frisk? [POLL]

With the governor’s plan to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana found during police questioning, do you think he will take on the stop-and-frisk issue as a whole?

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo waded into the stop-and-frisk debate—the practice where police officers may stop anyone on the street they deem suspicious for questioning and a search—by during such stops.

The practice of stop-and-frisk had long been controversial, but the NYPD swears that the searches have been keeping our streets safer.

But in May, NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous, 1199 SEIU President George Gresham and Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network  joined other civil rights leaders, faith leaders and elected officials in Foley Square to , arguing that blacks and Latinos are nine times as likely as whites to be stopped.

Days later, cleared the way for class action lawsuits against the NYPD by people who believe they were wrongfully stopped and searched, based their race or background.

Politicians like , and even have called on the city and the state to crack down on race-based stop-and-frisks, saying that the practice creates distrust between the community and police.

So do you think Cuomo’s decision will help turn the tide on street questioning? Or could the situation potentially worsen, with cops doubling the stops they make in order to fulfill arrest quotas now that marijuana will be off the table in most cases? Vote in the poll below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

G June 14, 2012 at 02:37 PM
The Stop and frisk is not an NYPD policy or any other law enforcement policy. It is a power granted by the Criminal Procedure Law and the United States Supreme Court (Terry vs Ohio). Policy would come in when the officers are required by their department to document the stop itself. There is a way to track homicides, robberies and any other crimes. There is also a way to track the number of people stopped by the police. There is no way however of tracking how many lives have been saved due to the police stopping and questioning someone they believe has committed a crime. Also understand every stop is NOT based on the person believed to have had a weapon nor is the person stopped frisked every time. People do not realize these facts either. A person could be stopped if a police officer suspects they have committed any PL misdemeanor or felony. If a person were stopped because the police saw them in a tussle and found no injuries (suspicion of assault) they would then let them go without being arrested or even frisked yet a Stop and Frisk report would still be required. It is not always about weapons and every person stopped is NOT searched.
Larry July 13, 2012 at 06:16 PM
680,000 stops—an increase of over 600 percent since 2002. Eighty-seven percent of those stopped were black or Latino, in a city where those groups comprise 54 percent of the population. And in 99.9 percent of those stops, no gun was recovered. THAT MEANS THAT 680 GUNS WERE RECOVERED; roughly 2 per day. SOUNDS LIKE IT'S WORTH IT TO ME!!
Dios Thunders July 21, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I have been robbed stabbed mugged raped & none were black they were WHITE explain that then at 1 point I had a crack pipe PLANTED ON ME which was thrown out & I was the victium The 70th precent r SOOO currupt & lazy over all btw Stop this stop & frisk The police should b going after real crimminals known 2 b involved in activity & Cumo is right jails r full of people who had a small amount of weed on them the only SANE response here are from PETER ROTHBERG Most of others sound racists & 4 someone 2 say I am a LATINO isnt condemming himself he is LETTING U KNOW what he& people he knows & what he has seen that many r blind 2 I hear California always has great weather why dont all of you move there who are complaining or move to the Bible Belt were you can still say "Come here boy" and those GOD dam Jews & people agree okay whitey and btw i am WHITE cant b any whiter but growing up in Brooklyn & NYC I KNOW what I am talking about. BLOOMBERG KILLED & is KILLING NYC where will we be rid of this egomanic liar monster midget, makes you almost miss DINKINS who was a total disaster why not more or any undercover cops by known crack dealer areas the Q train on COURTLYOU is a BIG druggie place I was asked if i wanted2 $ CRACK n other drugs & I do not look like a CRACKHEAD or druggie @ all,they hang in the candy stores &take out places & out side MADALINES Sycomore all the time MUGGERS 2. cops do 0 & they know all this
Dios Thunders July 21, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Also people who rob w/ guns have no intention to kill its a fear factor Those who resist and attack with guns under counters are more likely to get shot and someone killed THAT IS A FACT. In robeerries across the USA its those who resiste are the ones that nd up dead or kill some one who just wants some fast cash Now justgive it too them DONT BE STUPID & stop n frisk wont end this. Getting rid of BLOOMBERG who let people dystroy this city ripping out tenaments letting rents go insanely high landlords evicting people to renovate (cheaply) and re-rent 2 others 5 times what former tenant was paying & created poverty creates crime Poverty creates crime families going hungry creates crime this is nation wide started by the BUSH ADDMIN. and there OIL MONEY WAR. THE GOPs block OBAMS bills in the senate then blame him 4 the economy He cant wave a magic wand and say this is the LAW thats comunissium Next time you get mugged thank BLOOMBERG and THE GOP stop n frisk hasNOTHING 2 do with it It just fills jails up with kids w/ a joint and CREATES CRIMMINALS
Dios Thunders August 17, 2012 at 01:29 PM
frisk everyone


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