Quinn Wants More City Contracts for Women and Minorities

The City Council speaker is introducing legislation that would require more oversight on who city contracts are awarded to.

In an effort to level the playing field for women and minority business owners, City Council speaker, Christine Quinn plans to introduce a bill that would send more city contracts to companies run by women or by Asian-Americans, African-Americans or Hispanics, says the New York Times.

Under the current law – which was passed in 2005 – the city works to award a percentage of contracts under $1 million to companies owned by women and minorities. The problem is that there are no such goals for larger contracts, and some civil rights leaders believe this penalizes successful businesses dealing in costlier contracts.

Also, there are few consequences for agencies that do not meet their goals, and such, little accountability, says the paper. In the fiscal year 2011, the city met only 48 percent of its goals for contracts to minority- and women-owned businesses.

In May, when the Nostrand Avenue Construction Project began, Patch took a look at , and found that the process of applying to be certified as a “Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise” (as it is designated) is long and rigorous. 

“A lot of companies get intimidated, discouraged and give up because they feel like it’s too much of a hassle,” Community Board 3 President Henry Butler told Patch.

Quinn’s new proposal would set goals for all contracts – not just smaller ones – and would require a quarterly report on their progress.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s spokesperson said the mayor is currently working with Quinn’s office to advance the legislation.

Joe Gonzalez August 14, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I hope nobody is stupid enough to believe Christine Quinn is now really interested in "minorities" getting city contracts. The fact of the matter is WHITE people are the minorities now in NYC. Are whites the minorities Quinn has in mind? Go check the Census figures. Whats more, its the same Christine Quinn who publicly stated the FDNY being 94% white was okay with her and Quinn never lifted a finger to address the near absence of Black folks in the FDNY ranks. If Quinn is really interested in Blacks sharing int he economic pie, Quinn ought to push for the return of the residency rule which is the functional equalivent of "minority contacts". There is something sick about the vast majority of the NYC payroll living in the suburbs at at time when there are 700,000 NYC residents with no jobs.


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