Opponents of Cuomo’s Gun Control Law Push for Repeal

Hundreds rallied at the state Capitol on Tuesday saying they will not comply with New York’s new gun control law


More than 600 opponents of New York’s new gun control law rallied at the state Capitol on Tuesday, saying they would not comply with the state’s new law, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Many of the protesters who took issue with Gov. Cuomo’s process of passing the bill in one day said they felt cheated by New York's Republican lawmakers and pushed for the law’s repeal.

"Our governor has seen fit to try and restrict the rights we get by our constitution. We're just not going to stand for it anymore," said Tracy Brundege, a 52-year-old barbecue chef from Schenectady, N.Y.

Brundege was among the hundreds of protesters who said they wouldn't comply with the state's new law requiring owner registration for the list of guns the law now deems illegal. He protested at the rally by handing out stickers and selling "Don't Tread on Me" flags.

Cuomo defended the gun-control law calling it a "common sense, reasonable and balanced" approach.

Still, the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is planning another rally in Albany on February 28, which is expected to draw as many as 35,000 people. National Rifle Association President David Keene will serve as the rally’s keynote speaker.

Mike Peters February 13, 2013 at 05:57 PM
The media says there were only 500-600 people there ...this is a Lie. Look at the Pictures and decide for yourself.. We had a GREAT turnout considering how Cold it was (the Wind didn’t help) but still far from the 3 or 4 thousand everyone expected. First off , It looked like over 1500 to me but , a Trooper told me they figured there were over 2500 when you add the hundreds of Tea Party members who came by Bus and had appointments scheduled with all their representatives. Unlike us (very cold Gun owners) they focused on walking around the State House visiting Assemblymen and Senators while we stayed at the Rally . I’ve got to hand it to the Tea Party Groups …they planned ahead and took the fight right to the Politicians. They had lists of who voted and how and stayed focused on knocking on doors .This “2 front” strategy worked out really well and didn’t give them a chance to hide from comments …NY Heard us and we’re just starting. Steve Katz and Greg Ball did a fantastic job . Charles Heller was also very well received and on behalf of JPFO ..actually , their whole Line up of Speakers were great . http://s1320.beta.photobucket.com/user/NYGunOwner/library/Albany%20Gun%20Rally%20Feb%2012 We have another Rally coming up on Feb 28th ..I bet the Media will downplay that one as well.
pat February 13, 2013 at 06:17 PM
Peters, NY heard you loud and clear. NY heard that the banner these people are holding in the photo present a threat to national security. Why in the world would someone that is making the case of gun ownership would paint a threatening remark with a weapon on it? Shows how well adjusted you gun knuts are. I carried a firearm for many years, as part of my duty and still believe people like you need to stay away from handguns. Did you know that most gun owners believe that when a projectile exits a firearm, it actually goes up and then down?
Mike Peters February 14, 2013 at 05:43 AM
Pat , When a Government takes away one of your Rights …people will tend to get upset. And some will “take it” a “tad” more seriously than others. There are many who will not submit to a Law facilitated by the Governor by circumventing the State Constitution & signing away the 3 day waiting period (for Public opinion and research) and forcing a vote at 11:30pm . There are also “a few” of us who do not like being lied to regarding how this New Law will make the Public Safer and -Not affect the Law-abiding Gun Owners -Not Affect the Hunters -How AR’s are not used for Hunting We’ve had enough …and we’re tired of misinformed Liberals promoting these feel good useless Gun Control Laws without knowing anything about Firearms. They really can’t debate the issue so cover their ignorance by resorting to insults and sarcasm ---gun-nuts , NRA Murderers, Right Wing , Gun Fanatics. And I’ve noticed they rarely (if ever) use their real names . The insults and sarcasm has created a huge divide now. And the Media is fueling it …there’s no room to even debate the issue at this point and the anger you’re seeing will (unfortunately) only get worse. Will this discussion end up in the Street ? I honestly hope not But if it does ….I know we won’t see ONE Anti Gun Protestor try making a stand. They don’t have THAT type of resolve. They fear Guns and the people who own them so , They’re safer hiding behind a keyboard.
Mike Peters February 14, 2013 at 05:45 AM
Pat ,I lived in Granada Hills Ca , only a couple miles from the epicenter of the Northridge Quake. I was awake when it hit ..we lived through what many of you only watched parts of on TV…they didn’t really show you everything that was going on. But for the first 2 or 3 days we got to see “Humanity” at its best and (unfortunately) worst …people’s Homes being looted WHILE they were home, waiting in line for Water, Gang members looting, no Police- no EMS- no Power, neighbors coming by to borrow ammunition, Military on patrol. The first day …When the Gang members started looting, a Pickup Truck with 6 of them came through our area …a bunch of our neighbors got together and we tried calling LAPD …most Phones were out BUT , with my Cell I got through to Devonshire Division…they couldn’t help but told me to call Foothill Division (of Rodney King fame) The Officer told me that they were overwhelmed and we were on our own …then he told me to listen very carefully. He asked if I had the ability to defend myself (I told him yes) , he then said , Try to get a License Plate and stay out of their way , but if you have no choice , do whatever you have to and defend yourself and your Family and then call them when it’s over ---he then asked if I understood what he was saying. I understood perfectly. (Rest is posted below)
Mike Peters February 14, 2013 at 05:54 AM
The best was when several of my Liberal and rabid anti Gun neighbors started coming to me asking if they could borrow a shotgun or something to defend themselves with. I reminded one how he told me Guns were a Plague on Society ,should be illegal to own and how he did not “approve” of my owning and collecting them. Funny how Reality has a way of forcing even the most die-hard anti gun fanatics to change their opinions ..and learn how to load & change magazines. Pat ..don’t take this the wrong way but , I don’t know you or your background …But you can be sure of mine, and it’s spotless. I have a NYS issued Concealed Carry Permit (and I do everyday) .. . I’d be willing to bet that you have no idea how involved it is to get a Carry Permit here in NY –for YEARS I also had a FULL CARRY Permit in Massachusetts ..I was also a Federally Licensed Gun Dealer. They don’t just hand out these permits ….the background checks are comprehensive and if there’s ANYTHING , any issue at all ..the License is denied. There’s a huge responsibility that comes with the decision to Carry . IMO..based on their fear ,the anti gun people posting & complaining have the right to keep Guns out of their lives..it’s their choice – BUT THEY DO NOT have the right to prevent us from owning or legally carrying them, that’s our choice.
Mike Peters February 14, 2013 at 06:03 AM
Another interesting story from LA ...and remember, Stores and Homes were defended by AR's and AK's with Hi-Cap Mags http://www.seraphicpress.com/jew-without-a-gun/
elizabeth mclaughlin February 15, 2013 at 04:05 AM
I am tired of the liberals at NYS, and their communist agenda. This gun control is all part of UN Agenda 21, ICLEI and I for one consider Cuomo a threat to the State. Treasonous act is what he has performed and should be impeached immediately. I am tired of communists pawning off children as an excuse to change our Constitutional Rights.
elizabeth mclaughlin February 15, 2013 at 04:09 AM
I would like to know how anyone in their right mind would endorse UN Agenda 21, ICLEI. I feel threatened by the communists that occupy the Capital.
elizabeth mclaughlin February 15, 2013 at 04:48 AM
I am not a gun owner, and after seeing how these politicians and communist liberals are trying to take away my rights I would not register anything. You see the World Bank makes a profit off of regulations and stealing the rights of law abiding citizens around the globe. They profit by creating disasters = create the problem, get the reaction from ignorant people or communists and provide the solution. Did you know that citizens are being reduced to micro loan economics in order to survive? At India and the USA they expect people to live from a cart and do business by taking out a thousand dollar micro loan. You know those micro loan sharks will eternally be after them. They want people unarmed.
Michael Silver March 07, 2013 at 04:47 AM
Governor Cuomo is dividing the state and polarizing rural voters and citizens of New York. He has tried to imply that those opposed to the SAFE act are fringe elements or extremists. To the contrary, they are the people of New York State. Below are the New York State counties, towns and law enforcement agencies who have passed or are passing resolutions against Cuomo’s SAFE ACT: Counties Allegany County, Broome County, Cattaraugus County, Cayuga County, Chautauqua County, Chemung County, Chenango County, Clinton County, Columbia County, Cortland County, Delaware County, Dutchess County, Erie County, Essex County, Franklin County, Fulton County, Genesee County, Greene County, Hamilton County, Herkimer County, Jefferson County, Lewis County, Livingston County, Madison County, Monroe County, Montgomery County, Niagara County, Oneida County, Onondaga County, Ontario County, Orange County, Orleans County, Oswego County, Otsego County, Putnam County, Rensselaer County, Rockland County, Saint Lawrence County, Saratoga County, Schoharie County, Schuyler County, Seneca County, Steuben County, Sullivan County, Tioga County, Ulster County, Warren County, Washington County, Wayne County, Wyoming County, Yates County
Michael Silver March 07, 2013 at 04:47 AM
Towns: City of Ogdensburg, Town of Argyle, Town of Cambridge, Town of Chester, Town of Clarendon, Town of Colden, Town of Conesus, Town of Deerpark, Town of Elbridge, Town of Grand Island, Town of Harrisburg, Town of Hoosick, Town of Indian Lake, Town of Jackson, Town of Libson, Town of Linclaen, Town of Marathon, Town of Neversink, Town of Palmyra, Town of Riga, Town of Saratoga, Town of Sempronius, Town of Shandaken, Town of Stafford, Town of Thompson, Town of Truxton, Town of Union Vale, Town of Walworth, Town of Warwick, Town of Wawarsing [news] Law Enforcement Albany Sheriff Craig Apple, Dutchess County Deputy Sheriffs PBA, Erie County Sheriff's Police Benevolent Association, Greene County Sheriff, New York State Sheriffs' Association, Saratoga County Sheriff's Association, Schuyler County Sheriff, Steuben County Deputy Sheriff's Association Other New York State Association of County Clerks, Association of Erie County Governments, NY Association of Counties, NYS Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors, Washington County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs


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