NYCHA Throws $325K Rally for Employees While Building Repairs Get Pushed Back

The team-building rally was held at the Javits Center in March and was mandatory for employees.

Despite a three-year backlog of resident complaints, the New York City Housing Authority spent $325,000 on the rally for employees at Javits Center in March, as well as $100,000 on a website upgrade last year, says the New York Daily News.

The rally took place March 13-14, and all of NYCHA’s 12,000 workers were required to attend, “to feel our collective power,” NYCHA Chairman John Rhea said.

Employees were asked to rate their satisfaction with the agency, and according to one employee source, 69 percent answered that they were “concerned about NYCHA’s future,” while 44 percent said that NYCHA was worse off than it was a year ago.

“They gave us clickers and asked how do you feel about certain things,” an employee source told the Daily News. “And everything came up horrendous. From the employees’ perception, there’s no trust.”

The mayor’s office defended the rally as necessary for improving the agency.

“NYCHA did exactly what it is supposed to do: convened meetings to communicate with its 12,000 employees about its new plan to use smart innovations to recover from the challenges presented by devastating budget cuts and aging infrastructure,” said Julie Wood, a spokeswoman for Mayor Bloomberg, last week.

Additionally, the paper learned that the NYCHA spent $100,000 last year on a consultant to upgrade its web presence.

The NYCHA has a backlog of 10,000 apartments in need of repairs that are not scheduled until 2014, says the paper.

Last week, it was discovered that the , from accounts that haven’t been touched since 2009. City Comptroller John Liu then blasted the agency for asking to borrow an additional $500 million.

pat August 07, 2012 at 06:54 AM
Good, I hope they enjoyed it. Better them than the criminals that live in many of those apartments.
VBHouse August 07, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Pat, that is nasty! For your information, because as most times, you don't have the facts, many hardworking people, who can't afford to live in luxury condos live in NYCHA. And because they can't, does not make them less human or not deservant of decent housing! I grew up there and all the families in my bldg. were working class people -- in fact the one I lived in was built for WWII veterans. And many elders who raise their families, who can't afford to live anywhere else, still reside there. And if you go to certain areas, in Brooklyn and the lower eastside, you will find Caucusians, Hasidics living in them too! Are there some unpleasant people, of course, but that is true everywhere! For years they have been trying to privatize, sell off some of the buildings.once they are sold, they are renovated and sold for soaring prices. That means one of these days, if we don't stop with the negative and unless you are super wealthy, are going to find ourselves outpriced!!!


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