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New Super PAC Wants Dems to Retake the House of Representatives

The group is focusing their efforts in New York, which has competitive election races coming up.

A new super PAC hopes to help Democrats retake the House of Representatives, and is aiming their efforts in New York, says the Wall Street Journal (paywall).

The House Majority PAC, which has , has so far pulled in $1 million for its New York effort, and ultimately hopes to raise and spend $6 million by Election Day.

New York could be very important for control of the House, says the paper, with at least eight out of 27 New York races likely to be competitive. Democrats must pick up 25 seats to win the House.

"House Majority PAC is making a strong, sustained push in New York this cycle given the number of competitive congressional races and, in particular, the number of potential Democratic pickups," said the group's spokesman, Andy Stone.

According to the Journal, Republicans and their super PACs are taking notice of New York, too. House Speaker John Boehner raised money for Republican incumbents in upstate New York earlier this month, while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other nonprofits are expected to spend on House races in the state, and the National Republican Congressional Committee and a super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, are also likely to get involved.

President Barack Obama should have an easy win in New York, says the paper, so neither his campaign nor Republican Mitt Romney will do much in the way of campaigning in the state.

Dios Thunders October 03, 2012 at 08:35 PM


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