Council Votes on Muni-Meters, Wages, Adult Ads, Banking

Muni-Meter bill would allow unexpired time to be used at other locations

The New York City Council is voting Tuesday on a number of issues affecting New Yorkers, including a change in parking laws.

At issue are the following:

  • A bill which would allow Muni-Meter time purchased at one location to be transferable to another.
  • Whether or not to override the mayor's veto of the prevailing wage bill.
  • Whether to call for a raise in the state's minimum wage.
  • The Responsible Banking Act, which will determine how best to distribute financial services.
  • Whether to ask Village Voice Media to remove adult services ads from its Backpage.com website.

addressed some complaints motorists were having, but some council members feel the city needs to go further. A similar Muni-Meter bill was previously brought up in the State Assembly.

Councilman Daniel Halloran of District 19, a co-sponsor of the bill, thinks updating the parking rules is a good idea.

"It's a simple concept," he said, "You ought to get what you pay for. Drivers in this city have been taxed and tolled enough. This legislation makes good sense and will help drivers save a bit more of their hard-earned money."


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