Bloomberg in Brooklyn, Announces New BigAppleRx Card

The card allows for discounts on all prescriptions and will be accepted at more than 2,000 pharmacies throughout the city

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn made an appearance at the Target pharmacy in Atlantic Center this morning to announce the launch of the BigAppleRx card, New York City’s first official prescription discount card.

The BigAppleRx card will make it easier for the more than one million New Yorkers who don’t have health insurance to fill up their prescriptions, said Bloomberg. The discount card is available to anyone who lives, works or visits the city and will be accepted at more than 2,000 pharmacies throughout the five boroughs.

“Having access to a free prescription drug card can mean the difference between being able to afford prescriptions and being forced to skip doses,” said Bloomberg. “That’s why we pledged to issue a New York City card on the campaign trail in 2009--and now we’re fulfilling that promise with the launch of the BigAppleRx card.”

There is no cost associated with applying for or obtaining the BigAppleRx Card, and there is no limit on how many prescriptions that card holders can receive discounts for each month. The card will allow for savings of up to 15 percent on all brand name prescription drugs, and savings of up to 53 percent on generic drugs.

“No one should have to be faced with the dilemma of not getting necessary medication because it’s too expensive,” said Quinn. “This drug card program will help all New Yorkers get the most cost effective medication whether or not you have insurance and also provide peace of mind.”

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who also attended the event, added how the the new prescription card can even benefit those who have medical insurance.

“I have to take a prescription medication every day, and both city and state health insurance will not cover it,” said Markowitz. "BigAppleRx will help ensure that discounts are available for life improving and life sustaining pharmaceuticals, regardless of coverage."

An extensive educational campaign on the card begins this week with radio, print and street teams in all five boroughs. To learn how to get or distribute the BigAppleRx card, visit their website, or call 311.


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