Bed-Stuy Getting 'Slow Zone' in 2014

Traffic calming program will reduce area speed limit to 20 mph.

Bed-Stuy is one of five Brooklyn neighborhoods included in the expansion of New York City's "slow zone" program, which will roll out over the next three years.

According to a release from the Department of Transportation, Bed-Stuy was one of 15 neighborhoods selected — out of 74 applicants — for the city's new "slow zone" program.

The program, which began in the Bronx in 2011, expanded to 13 neighborhoods in 2012 and will begin to expand again in 2014. It is a traffic-calming measure that reduces speeds on problematic blocks from 30 miles per hour to 20, and adds speed humps. 

"Speeding is the single greatest contributing factor in traffic fatalities in our city," said Bloomberg. "Slow Zones have shown proven results in curbing dangerous driving and we want more neighborhoods to benefit from the program."

Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan credited the program with reducing the number of pedestrian fatalties in the city over the last three years. 

Streets with senior centers and schools are given priority during the selection process. 

In 2014 Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy will be added to the program, along with Crown Heights in 2015 and Prospect Heights in 2016. 
Joe Gonzalez October 14, 2013 at 04:10 PM
Its time elected public officials, Community Board (CB) three, CB3 District Manager, neighborhood groups, faith institutions and area residents start taking a very close look at the serious impact the impending changes will have on Bed-Stuy. Start with the Special Bus Service (SBS) will have on Nostrand Avenue. It will "calm" traffic alright--it will bring traffic to a stand still! The bulging sidewalks being built along Nostrand Avenue effectively reduce that street from a four lane roadway to a one way thoroughfare. That will imperil public safety by sharply restricting first responders' (read: NYPD, FDNY, EMS) prompt passage on Nostrand Avenue and the various connecting streets as traffic slows to a virtual crawl. there is another VERY SERIOUS problem for Bed-Stuy! The aforementioned issues are wrecking havoc on ALL Bed-Stuy businesses. They are having problems getting timely deliveries to their stores as traffic on Nostrand Avenue and connecting streets are choked with traffic. Delivery vehicles have to travel to nearby streets to park while delivering OR they will possibly forego servicing many small Bed-Stuy stores
sandra clarke October 14, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Bloomberg says that traffic fatalities are the major issue for the 20 mph speed. i would love to see the numbers and the neighborhood comparisons. Like most of the issues in Brooklyn and NYC the laws that are implemented such as "Stop and Frisk" are the darlings of the administration because it is not implemented in "their" neighborhoods. This new law is just a rouse to collect revenue for the city and the mayor and the law's backers see Bed-Sty and such neighborhoods as the suckers who would accept this 20 mph nonsense. Tickets are the blessing the city will reap from this new implemented speed trap because it is humanly ridiculous in our time to drive at 20 mph in a motor car. Add to this the bike lanes, the extended curbs and ridiculous new bus lanes and you will soon have a bees hive of road rage unseen in NYC history. It is a scam and a shame because the lawmakers and mayor know that they have never cared about the fatalities in these neighborhoods, only the means of collecting revenue from these same neighborhoods. It has been years and the same mayor has never cared to listen to the same neighborhoods whose voice on issues such as "Stop and Frisk" went disregarded but now they are concerned about fatalities from speeding? I think not.


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