Bed-Stuy's Got Issues

As we head into the congressional primaries, which issues matter most to you?

The U.S. Congressional race for the 10th District seat is heating up fast in Bed-Stuy. And it's just as well things get cooking early, since the primary elections this year have been moved up, from September 11th to June 26th.

One Democratic candidate, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, already has gotten the backing of a handful of key unions, in addition to , which for the past few decades systematically has backed incumbent Edolphus Towns.

The third Democratic candidate for congress, Charles Barron, adds a special flame to the fire with his gift for gab, an ability to "speechify" and fire up his base.

With the primary now only two and half months away, maybe you know the candidates well. Maybe you don't. Or maybe you're just beginning to pay attention. Either way, you know which issues resonate with you, and likely, you will choose your candidate based on where they stand behind the issues that matter most to you.

Here's a quick overview of where each candidate stands (To understand their full platform, visit their campaign websites):

City Councilmember Charles Barron-- This former Black Panther and National Black United Front chairperson is a well-known community activist and champion of the under served and poor. Although the first part of his political career was forged in Harlem, he successfully has transitioned his political presence and wherewithal into Central Brooklyn. In the past, he has taken a stance on fair housing, access to higher education and seniors rights.

State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries-- This working attorney is a fast-rising star in the community and the youngest of the bunch. He's persistent, respected in Albany as an adept legislator, and has managed to become an ally of two arch-rival groups: UFT-backers and education reformists. In the past, he has taken a stance on affordable housing, ending Stop-and-Frisk policies, prison-based gerrymandering and redistricting.

Congressman Edolphus Towns-- This sitting congressman and former Reverend has held his seat for three decades. Naturally, as a senior politician, he can navigate well the halls of Washington and has chaired a handful of key committees. In the past, he has taken a stance on social security, healthcare reform and other issues that resonate mostly with senior citizens, his core base. Other recent issues now include jobs creation and fair housing.

Joe Gonzalez April 10, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Al Vann is a clown. Public transportation is under attack in Bed-Stuy; One,the G train route is being curtailed. Two, the token booth at Nostrand Avenue and Fulton Street was just shut down and removed leaving riders in danger of being attacked by thugs or being injuried and NOT being able to get help. Three, the B54 bus is being reduced and no longer traveling along Fulton street because the rapidly gentrifying downtown Brooklyn set doesn't want large numbers of Black folks arriving via the B54 bus. Al Vann is clueless about these recent attacks on Bed-Stuy's public transportation. Want are the three candidates for the US Congress planning to do about these three specific attacks on our transit?
Joe Gonzalez April 11, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Public transit in Bed Stuy is under attack. Are there any elected public officials in BedStuy willing to stand up to the MTA's re-routing of the B54 bus; the proposed curtailment of G train service to five stations and the recent closing of the token booth at Nostrand Avenue and Fulton street? BedStuy is under attack!
Ruth April 12, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Since the MTA is a state public benefit corporation, I would focus first on state reps-- Assembly; State Senator, Comptroller (could do an audit) and Governor. Next I would focus on federal (provides funding, particularly for capital projects) and city (council and Mayor). I hope this helps.


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