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Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: NYPD Will Double Gang Division

150 more detectives will join the Gang Division, with up to a dozen cops assigned to certain precincts to deal with rival crews.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is expected to announce Tuesday that the NYPD is doubling the size of its Gang Division to stop the violent teen crews that are responsible for about 30 percent of all city shootings, says the New York Daily News.

“Operation Crew Cut” will soon comprise of 300 detectives, as well as the assignment of up to a dozen cops in certain precincts who will deal solely with gangs.

“We'll focus those resources not on large, established gangs such as the Bloods and Crips, but on the looser associations of younger men who identify themselves by the block they live on, or on which side of a housing development they reside,” Kelly plans to announce at a speech held Tuesday in San Diego.

“Their loyalty is to their friends ... and their rivalries are based not on narcotics trafficking or some other entrepreneurial interest, but simply on local turf.

Kelly’s speech also says that social media often fuels rivalries, like if a gang member posts a photo of himself on Facebook in front of a rival’s building.

As of July, the following gangs, or “crews,” have been identified in the 79th and 81st precincts of Bedford-Stuyvesant:

79 Pct

BN-Brisp Nation, Clifton Place, Lexington Ave, Gates Avenue, Marcy Avenue to Nostrand Avenue (Armstrong Houses)

GAM-Gates Avenue Mafia, Gates Avenue

HB-Halsey Blocc, Halsey Street

SMG-Stack Money Goons, Tompkins Avenue, Park Avenue to Myrtle Avenue (Tompkins Houses)

TGM- Tompkins Get Money, Tompkins Avenue, Park Avenue to Myrtle Avenue (Tompkins Houses)

MGZ-Marcy Gangstas, Marcy Avenue, Flushing Avenue to Myrtle Avenue (Marcy Houses

RF-Rich Family (Location to be determined)

WEU-Wrap Em Up, Marcus Garvey Boulevard, Myrtle Avenue to Park Avenue (Sumner Houses)


81 Pct

BSB-Brooklyn Street Bangas, Fulton Street

Chan City Mafia, 110/120 Chauncy Street

CNN-Crusty Nigga Nation, Pulaski Street, Lewis Avenue to Stuyvesant Avenue (Roosevelt Houses)

Grimmy Gunners, Pulaski Street, Lewis Avenue to Stuyvesant Avenue (Roosevelt Houses)

TSP-Team Stack Paper, Ralph Avenue, Fulton Street to Bainbridge Street, (Brevoort Houses)

2 Stacks, Ralph Avenue, Fulton Street to Bainbridge Street (Brevoort Houses)

Though the NYPD recently busted 49 members of two gangs known as "Very Crispy Gangsters" and the "Rockstarz," Kelly admitted that “the department did not have any coordinated, consistent approach to street crews.”

BKBORN October 02, 2012 at 10:15 PM
I am all for the takedown but BedStuy is changing- WAKE UP PEOPE!!! Pat, it's obvious you are amongs the group of people that have swarmed BKLYN because MANHATTAN is to expensive these days. If you read close these people are from the housing projects. Seriously, you want to live in the Marcy houses? I take your friends are doing well in Fort Green.
pat October 02, 2012 at 11:17 PM
@BKBORN. Not really sure which part of Brooklyn you live in, but I can tell you there are plenty of rats in regular houses. Two just recently fled into one of them after shooting the bread delivery guy on Howard Ave. Don't tell me about my friends and my finances. You have absolutely no idea where I have been in my life. I write and speak from experience. I have friends from all walks of life, even from the projects. They all have one thing in common though, human decency and respect. So please take some time to clean the snot from your nose and gather your thoughts.
BIgMMA October 03, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Wow...tell me how you really feel about the people of BedStuy.
SuF October 03, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Wouldn't it be amazing?! And they could come up with new meanings for their monikers...SMG (Stack Money Goons) could be Streets More Green, and BSB (Brooklyn Street Bangas) could be Brothers Save Brothers, and TGM (Tompkins Get Money) could be Twenty Good Men, and maybe CNN (Crusty Nigga Nation) could get jobs at.....CNN? Oh, the possibilities.
C. Zawadi Morris October 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM
SuF, that was great! Love how you flipped that!


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