Why Won't 81st Pct. Release Old Crime Stats?

The New York Civil Liberties Union alleges 81st Precinct is intentionally hiding records

The New York Civil Liberties Union has asked a judge to step in and demand the NYPD hand over 11 years of crime statistics out of Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct, according to the New York Daily News.

The litigation is the newest , after the 81st Precinct -- under the supervision of former Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello -- first came under investigation for allegedly manipulating their crime stats.

Officer Adrian Schoolcraft, who first broke the story, secretly was recording conversations inside of the precinct-- conversations that revealed bosses threatening patrolmen if they didn't make their arrest quotes, and pressuring officers to not take certain robbery reports.

against Mauriello, along with four other officers, for not recording a grand-larceny auto theft and a robbery complaint.

Mauriello was replaced by the precinct's current deputy inspector, Juanita Holmes. However, the NYCLU alleges that since that time, every precinct except 81 has released its biannual internal quality assurance audits from January 2000 to present.

The NYPD has stated that the disclosure of these records would interfere with ongoing cases. However, the NYCLU says NYPD has failed to fully explain why it would interfere.

rendak January 11, 2012 at 02:32 PM
This behavior on the part of the precinct is inexcusable for so many reasons, one of which is that ever since the Voice printed the Schoolcraft story, the people who have moved here because the crime rate had been drastically reduced now wonder if we did so under false pretenses.


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