Brooklyn's Murder Rate Lowest Since 1960

Drop from 780 murders in 1990 to 149 last year is due to a combination of good police work, new programs, and community support, Brooklyn's district attorney said.


Brooklyn's murder rate has dropped greatly over the past two decades due to a combination of new goverment programs and the dedication of residents, elected officials and the NYPD, said Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes. 

He noted that when he first took office in 1990, there were 780 murders in the borough. Last year the number, at 149, was the first time it was less than 150 since 1960. 

"The key to this dramatic drop in murders has been the dedication of our communities and their collaboration with everyone from their religious leaders to city councilmen to local precinct commanders determined to keep their neighborhoods safe,” Hynes said in a statement.

He praised Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly for his "exceptional deployment efforts." Hynes also pointed to the more than one dozen programs his office initiated, including his re-entry program, ComAlert which helps the formerly incarcerated reconnect with society. 

A regular program of gun buy-backs, youth outreach by assistant district attorneys and influential community members, and programs that are directed toward getting at-risk youth and gang members back on track are also "part of the solution to keeping the murder rate at extraordinary low levels," Hynes said. 

"All of the people of Brooklyn should feel proud of these accomplishments," he said. "We dedicate 2013 to doing even better."


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