Update: Driver Shot Tuesday Morning on Howard Ave While Delivering Bread

Police have video footage of the suspect and are still investigating

Police are looking for a suspect responsible for an attempted robbery and shooting of a driver who was delivering bread to a bodega late Tuesday morning on Howard Avenue.

According to 81st Pct. police, on Tuesday, at approximately 11:30 a.m., the truck driver for the company Super Bread II Corp. was making a delivery to Las Vegas Deli and Grocery, located at 55 Howard Avenue on the corner of Jefferson Avenue, when a unknown man approached him and demanded money at gunpoint.

When the driver refused to hand over money, the suspect shot him twice-- once in his left arm and another bullet grazed the left side of his head. The victim was transported to Kings County hospital and is listed in fair condition.

Shane, 32, who lives on Howard Avenue, across the street from the Deli, was on his way home from work when he said he noticed the police cars and the commotion. Shane was standing around with a large crowd of residents, all of whom appeared shocked by the incident:

"This is pretty crazy, because I've been living around here since 1988, and aside from from people shouting sometimes at night or getting drunk, nothing like this happens around here," said Shane. "He must have been an unintelligent criminal, because why would you try to steal from a guy who's just trying to deliver bread? I mean, we're all struggling these days. But c'mon, a bread delivery guy?"

According to police, the incident was captured on video, and a few witnesses said they saw the suspect fleeing the scene. Police are still investigating.

Update and Correction 9/26/12, 9:55am: The above account was provided by the 81st Pct. Department. After more investigation, police have provided the following update with significant leads and changes to the above story

On Tuesday, September 26, at approximately 11:30 am in front of 54 Howard, a man identified as Denis Inca was completing a bread delivery to Las Vegas Deli and Grocery when two to three males -- one armed with a firearm -- approached Inca and demanded money.

When Inca refused, a struggle ensued, and he was subsequently shot in the right shin and left lower abdomen. He was transported to Kings County Hospital and is being treated.

Through video, detectives were able to establish that the suspects ran into 937 Jefferson Avenue, a four story apartment building. A perimeter search was established, and two of the suspects were located and arrested from apartment 1L. The firearm and clothing were recovered from apartment 3L which was unoccupied.

Brad September 25, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Is it really a good idea to print where the victim lives?
Michael Jobs September 26, 2012 at 12:09 PM
Shane is not the victim. Just someone who was interviewed.


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