Makeup: What Works for Work?

When it comes to your job, you should not look like you’re going to the club, but you do not necessarily have to be 'Plain Jane' either.

Spring has sprung and the summer is right next door! I cannot express how excited I am to hear women actually wanting to wear makeup and adding color! And for the minimalists and corporate women, I’ve got you covered, too!

Recently, I was approached by several women inquiring about the appropriateness of wearing makeup to work and if there are limitations. And to some degree, there are.

Wearing makeup to work should not look as though you’re going to the club, but you do not necessarily have to be “Plain Jane” either.  Whether going to work or switching your look, you can easily make your makeup pop with a few quick tricks.

Start with not wearing makeup that has too much frost. If you want texture, go with something that has a slight shimmer or a velvety texture.

During the warmer months, I love bright lips. Pinks, corals, and reds with a little gloss will work for someone who wants a bit of color. A bright lip should be worn with a simple eye for balance, such as a bare eyelid with cat eyeliner. That with a few good coats of mascara is just enough drama without going overboard.

If you’re not into lipstick or gloss, a lip stain is the perfect alternative and they last longer. And it is okay if you do not care for bright hues. Mauves, neutrals, and pastels will translate beautifully for the non-makeup makeup wearer.

For someone who wants to focus on the eyes, a spring color, such as a poppy or peach with a matte finish is very pretty on all skin tones. One cool aspect about bright eyeshadow is you only need one shade.

Just apply a light wash of pigment on the lower lid, and that’s it. You can always alternate wearing shadows with eyeliner other than black. Blue, green, and plum eyeliners are not only perfect for the corporate gal, but they also compliment natural eye colors as well.      

Generally, most women tend not to use full coverage foundations during the spring/summer seasons as opposed to colder months. Tinted moisturizers with an SPF offer the right amount of coverage and skin protection. The finish looks fresh and natural and does not become “cakey” throughout the day.

Transparency is also a winner, especially if you are into cheek stains or cream blush. It’s a wonderful thing when you can see your natural skin texture through makeup. Wearing a transparent color on the cheeks makes your skin look dewy and luminous.

You could use a blush brush to apply it; however the warmth of your fingers will make the blending process a lot easier. In addition, be sure to pick up a nice bronzer to toss into your makeup bag. Bronzers used with cheek color will give you that perfect finish.

Aside from painting faces everyday, I love advising women on how to look and feel their absolute best. I encourage you to post any questions or comments you have regarding makeup and I will be certain to provide you with tips that will suit your needs.


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