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Jude Pierce on Cumbo

No matter how you spin this Ms.Cumbo, special interests contributed $150,000+ to your campaign which took the form of daily mailers sent to District residents and hiring many canvassers to hand out your leaflets and to door knock on your behalf. This benefited your campaign and was done to get you elected because you are the real estate candidate. We know that you now regret having courted the real estate industry, but you are not innocent in all this. You took $25,000 from Forest Ratner, for your baby, MOCADA which bought your silence during the entire Atlantic yards debacle. More recently CEO Stephen Greene of SL Green Realty personally donated $2000 to your campaign. Mr. Green also contributed $500,000 to Jobs for NY which selected you as their candidate after researching your background. How can we trust that you will represent the community over the interest of the special interest when you have not done so through out your career. Stop saying RBNY picked you because you are the most popular. This is not a game or a popularity contest, at least it shouldn't be, but a deadly serious venture that will impact our lives for the next eight years. I personally have researched your background to determine what qualifications you have to manage this job and I find none. I also don't like the fact that you have designated yourself a "small business owner" when the museum is a small non profit, largely supported by the taxpayer. No small business owner has had the privilege of having the taxpayer pay their rent through subsidies and other memo items.


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