Fashion Week as Muse

This week is Fashion Week-- The perfect opportunity to get creative about what really works for you... and your pocketbook!

You can always feel an adrenaline rush during New York Fashion Week.

We are sucked in by what’s hot, who’s wearing what and the latest designers. And once you see the price tag, it’s back to reality for most of us.

However, the beauty of Fashion Week is to inspire and channel that inner fashionista, regardless of what is affordable. In other words, you do not have to spend an entire paycheck on just one ensemble.

Rather than focusing on the designer, pay attention to the trends: prints, silhouettes and bold colors. Find what works for you based on your size and body shape. Should you decide to invest in a few staples, don’t be afraid to incorporate a few vintage pieces or what you picked up in the previous season.

Style is about individuality, not mimicking what you seen in magazines or the runway.

This same perspective can easily translate into makeup and hair. Of course, the models’ makeup and hair are done to the extreme—they are working the catwalk. Modify the beauty trends by focusing on one feature. For instance, berries and reds are this season’s “it” colors. 

Do not leave the house with painted eyes and lips. Play up one feature—keep a clean, simple eye with an intense matte red lip or do it up with a smoky plum eyeliner paired with a nude pout. A trendy haircut or color should represent your personality and is the perfect way to complete your look.

My recommendation however, is that you do not color your own hair. Always consult a professional—he or she not will not only assist you with selecting the right hues, but you will also lessen the chance of damaging your hair from over processing.

In my opinion, fashion is a form of expression. It is a tangible and artistic flair that sets one person a part from another. And it most certainly defines one’s personality. 

The only catch is when following fashion trends, we must be realistic of what actually works. That goes for various looks as well as what is affordable.


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