Creating a Look That Suits You

Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important first step

Why do some people believe that women who wear makeup or hair extensions suffer from self esteem problems?

Personally, I don’t think that’s the case. For most women, it’s a matter of convenience or the flexibility of switching up their image.

I also don't believe that every woman who wears her hair naturally is necessarily trying to be Afrocentric. She may be more comfortable with her natural hair texture or simply chooses not to conform to what society dictates as pretty.

And this is great—no matter what, everyone should be happy with their image. Makeup and hair is about experimenting and enhancing what you have.

However, in my opinion, reality shows and Hollywood are conveying the wrong message about image, and they are in need of a little damage control. The idea of “perfection” is a fairytale; it is not reality. And trying to achieve this so-called perfection by having to always be made up is going to the extreme.

It’s gotten to the point where now, everyone is trying to look like a certain reality star or a favorite pop singer. Unfortunately, there is no disclaimer telling viewers that these people are actors for the camera, and that in real life, they look just as normal as the next person.

So, who is it up to, to help maintain the best image possible? The answer is you. Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important first step. Then to craft the desired image, do not be afraid to seek the advice of a beauty expert. 

Some individuals can be reluctant about receiving professional advice. But a professional beauty expert can help guide you to your desired look and also advise you about what does and does not work.

Most of us can even create a modified version of whatever is seen on television, although sometimes this isn’t an easy task.

My advice would be to listen to your beauty professional, but also ask questions.

And most importantly, be honest with yourself. As long as you are comfortable with who you are inside, how you choose to look on the outside will always shine true.

*This is a re-print of an article that ran on March 12, 2012.


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