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Communicate Over Dinner

Take the time to sit down with your children at the dinner table and talk to them

We live in busy times. As single moms, our schedules are filled with 9-to-5's, side hustles, meetings, school activities, etc.

For many of us, dinner time becomes a situation where, often, we find ourselves eating on the run. Fast food restaurants become the family’s BFFs (best friends forever), and the kitchen table is used to drop things off and keep it moving.  

But in the midst of all the mad dashing, we can easily lose sight of the value of dinner time with family: Communication.

Sitting down at the table, breaking bread together and talking with your children about your day and their day, really helps you get to know one another and bond as a family.

It’s at the dinner table where you can find out the real reason your daughter didn’t want to go to her friend’s house or why your son came home upset. It’s also a place to discover that your child has a hidden talent (well, it’s not hidden to him, because he’s been showcasing it all along, you just never had time to notice).

And, then, as in my case one evening, I learned just how much my daughter and son really know about me. We opened up a dinnertime game I have called, "Dinner Games & Activities: 51 Fun & Easy Games to Play While You Eat" by Family Fun Time. It consists of cards with a different game on each one. Lady Clara pulled the “Getting to Know Ya Trivia” card first.

The object of the game is to have the children test you with four questions and then you test them with four questions about you. When it was my turn to ask Sir Isaac and his sister my questions, I was so pleased that they not only answered the questions correctly, but did so in such an on-point manner.

I asked Sir Isaac what I did for a living. He replied, “You are a writer, and you invite men and women to your Pink Party.” What was so cute about this answer is that I had never really discussed what I did for a living with him.

He just sees me in action because he and Lady Clara attend practically all of the events I plan. I asked Lady Clara what did I major in at Norfolk State University, and she hit it on nail, “Journalism.” She also was correct when she said the name of my company was Powerhouse Media Group.

We went on to play another game, “Family Spelling Bee.” The objective of this game is to each spell out the first thing that you eat or drink at the table. Whoever gets the most words spelled correctly is deemed the “Spelling Bee.”

The children spelled some words right and a few thisclose. More than anything, though, playing as a family was so much fun. We ate, talked, played and were merry. I walked away from this dinner time experience even closer to my children and feeling so much pride. 

Our children have so much they want to share with us. And there so much we can learn about them, outside of what we think we know.  

Dinner time is the perfect time to communicate. There’s nothing like a good meal and good conversation to keep the family filled with love, happiness and understanding.

So, try it… you can thank me later by inviting me and my children over for dinner!


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