Speak Out, Bed-Stuy: Locals Angered Over Plans to Close Hospitals

Residents speak out against plan to close two Brooklyn hospitals.

The impending closures of Interfaith Hospital and Long Island College Hospital have been met with much resistance by local residents, workers, community leaders and dignitaries.

There have been protests and rallies in support of the hospitals, and many have voiced their concerns over the dangerous effect this could have on the area.

In nearby Park Slope, readers have taken to Facebook speak out in support of the hospitals and against the decision.

Jackie Perez wrote, "I'm hearing the "fancy" hospitals in the surrounding areas aren't happy with the extra homeless and "crazy" people in their EDs after the closures."

Susan Waters asked, "And where are the people that fill up the high rise apartments supposed to go for treatment? Makes no sense...tear down 2 hospitals and increase the residence density...hello!"

In nearby Carroll Gardens

Beverly DiCovello said, "Very disappointed that our leaders,are now coming out?Elections. This is a disgrace, that LICH is going through these tragic actions to this detrimental hospital that is very much needed in this community."

Deborah Joyce McDougald added, "Governor Cuomo will not get my vote next time around. He turned his back on Brooklyn, so we should turn our backs on him!!"

Joseph Colombo wrote, "Our Governor Andrew Cuomo and the SUNY trustees are shamefully ignoring our Communities. The mismanagement of our hospitals hangs on them. Closing hospitals will only harm our Brooklyn neighbors."
pat August 03, 2013 at 11:53 AM
The mismanagement of the hospitals does not hang on the governor, it hangs on the people that work there like in many other city agencies. Just like in the bad postal offices, public schools and even city hall. New Yorkers are tired of under performers and the United States as a whole is demanding better services and accountability. After 9/11 and the economy crashing, people know what value for your dollar is a little bit better. I am tired of paying for services that are not done right.
Yvonne Hilton August 11, 2013 at 07:12 PM
It's easy to deflect blame for the crisis in our hospitals onto "bad management" and, thereby ignore the structural and political reasons why our very necessary services are now under attack. Public hospitals, like public schools and other services are not profitable enterprises. They exist to serve, not to enrich. Therefore, they must and should be subsidized by public funds (read taxes, fees, etc.) Of course, those who say otherwise either forget that they need these services too, or are wealthy enough to purchase them privately. This is the same kind of thinking that blames people for being poor, or sick or otherwise unfortunate. It is, in my opinion, short-sighted, narrow-minded and basically un-American.


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