Our Folklore's Social Empowerment Program Teaches Children to Give Back

Karla Moore has started an Our Children Care project, encouraging children to donate toys, books, clothing, and food.

Our Folklore has started a project called, "Our Children Care," teaching young children to give back through a donation drive for toys, clothing, books, and food. 

The project is part of the Social Empowerment Program at Our Folklore, a children's cultural arts and literacy organization that was founded in the spring of 2011.

"'Our Children Care' is basically giving the children a chance to do something," said Karla Moore, founder of Our Folklore. "[It's a way of] saying that they are capable of doing something small that would end up being something big for someone else."

The program stresses the idea of parents teaching children about giving, whether it means looking through the child's old posessions together, or starting a conversation about every individual's responsibility toward those in need.

"I want it to be more that just parents and adults putting stuff in a box and sending it," said Moore. "I want it to be very hands on for children. They can go through their closet with their parents, and then there is a dialogue about giving back."

Donated items will be sent to families in Brooklyn and the rest of New York, as well as to families in Caribbean countries. Moore emphasized the importance of sending the items to families, so that a child's donations will be going to someone who might be a similar age.

While "Our Children Care" has been launched for the holiday season, Moore wants to expand to a year-round effort.

"It's not just for the holidays," she said. "We want this to be a habit."

Our Folklore is located at 420 Bainbridge between Ralph and Howard Avenues. For donation drop-off times, please call 646-820-5802 or send an email to info@ourfolklore.org.


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