Wait, is That... Snow??

An October snowstorm pays Brooklyn an early visit!

Leaves should be falling this time of the year, but instead, New Yorkers are getting pelted with snow.

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Beginning at around 11:50am is when the first few snow flakes began to fall in Central Brooklyn. Within minutes, the light flurry became a heavy, wet snowstorm, and in some areas thunder is reported.

According to The Weather Channel, this classic Nor’easter is affecting the entire northeastern seaboard and is expected to drop up to 6 inches of snow in some inland areas.

Brooklyn residents are walking around in a bit of shock—some feeling inconvenienced, some worried it’s the effects of global warming, and others are perhaps having flashbacks from the Blizzard of 2010.

“This is so unexpected, there’s things I have to do today, and it’s kind of messing up my plans,” said Jeri Zewdie, 25 of Bed-Stuy. “It’s just a little too sudden and too harsh. It almost feels like Christmas time, but it’s not.”

Clyde Turant, 57, of Clinton Hill sees the unusual snowfall as a sign of the times. “I think we are living in times that are unprecedented.

“There are things that are happening now that have never happened before that I think are the results of our actions in this world,” said Turant. “It could be coincidence. Maybe not. Let’s just hope and pray that this is the worst it will get.”

Residents are advised to look out for possible power outages and tree damage. The snow is expected to slowly die down, but winds may be on the increase through the day and into the night, according to TWC.

Jefferson Tactics October 29, 2011 at 05:43 PM
Is Clyde Turant the second coming of Nos?
Gregg October 30, 2011 at 12:26 AM
A big tree went down on Plaza Street, just before the subway entrance to the 2-3 trains.


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