The 2012 Top-14 Sexiest Songs for Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and time to get "in the mood"

Just once, if I have the chance, the things I will do to you. You and your body, every single portion

--Ginuwine, "Pony"

It's that time of year again: Valentine's Day. Well, after the flowers are delivered, the Godiva chocolates are devoured and the dinner date is complete, it's snuggle time! What better way to get "in the mood" than with a good old-fashion music playlist?

Here's your 2012 editor's pick (albeit, un-polled and unscientific) of the "Top-14 Sexiest Songs" to turn your Valentine's night steamy. If you thought our 2011 list was hot, wait until you play this one.

Warning: This list is not for the faint at heart or anyone looking for gushy romance. This list is sex-ay! (In no particular order).

14. “Baby I’m for Real,” The Originals—For the old-school heads, this song will make any generation (in a dimly lit room) want to get up and slow dance with the nearest somebody who’s willing.

13. “Feelin’ Love,” Paula Cole—There have been several remixes to this song, even one by Missy Elliot. Paula Cole takes no shorts in seducing her lust interest. There’s no mistaking what she’s saying in her whispery drawl on this tune: “Come hither…”

12. “Lollipop,” Lil’ Wayne—Say what you want about this little guy, jeggings or not, he brought it with this sexy banger. The beat is hypnotic and the lyrics, provocative. How many licks does it take to get to the center of this lollipop?

11. “Wicked Games,” Chris Isaac—Dare I call this vocalist a one-hit wonder? Maybe he had other hits, but I only remember one, and its guitar-laden riffs along with Isaac’s perfect pitch will convince you that a secret rendez-vous romp on the beach might be just what the doctor ordered.

10. “Don’t Ask My Neighbor,” The Emotions—This little 70s ditty might not jump into most people’s minds as a song to get in the mood to, but listen again: You’re wondering if I care about you, if there’s some cause that I should doubt you.” Come to me (don’t ask my neighbor); don't be afraid of what you see.

9. “Justify My Love,” Madonna—This almost made the 2011 list of sexy songs, but got squeezed out. Well, Madonna’s sensational 2012 Superbowl performance definitely merits a revisit by this soulful sex siren. The beat on this track will awaken inanimate objects, giving even a rock a pulse.

8. “Pony,” Ginuwine—To think this song was considered racy in its day (the late 90s). It would be considered almost child’s play compared to some of the lyrics you hear today. But with this Timbaland-produced song, it was never a contest of raunchiness, it was about Ginuwine’s invitation, a blatant sexual come-on: "If you're horny, let's do it; Ride it, my pony."

7. “French Kiss,” Lil’ Louis—This house tune by Chicago producer/DJ Lil’ Louis is a sexy trick. It starts out fast, gets you sweating and into the beat, and then once you’re worked up… like molasses, begins to slow down, oozing its way into a trance-like rhythm, as you listen to a woman wail with pleasure… Someone’s getting nau-ghty…

6. “Sweetest Hangover,” Diana Ross—This disco classic is also a trick! But it does the opposite of what the aforementioned “French Kiss” does… It starts out slow and erotic, then once you’ve fallen into the sexy groove, it spins into a disco frenzy. Depending upon your order of lovemaking, this can actually work as well!

5. “At Last,” Etta James—May she rest in peace. But before she left us, Etta gifted us with an eternal classic love song. I’ve always had a thing for songs in 3/3 time (Alicia Keys also does these well). Note: This deeply soulful love song for some reason seems to go best with a little cognac on ice.

4. “Let’s Get it On,” Marvin Gaye— All hail the Prince Provocateur! Marvin Gaye never tried to hide his fiendish ways. And why do it? When you’re talented and you’ve got the looks to boot, you should definitely make it work for you. A true 70s classic, this song gets straight to the point: Basically, “Let’s get busy!” So if you’re feeling this way but you’re too shy to just say it, put on this record and let Marvin say it for you.

3. “Subject,” Dwele—“Your bellybutton, abs, your thighs, your legs, your @ss, your innocence…” Soul artist Dwele clearly has studied his muse, and the descriptions he uses to elucidate her beauty are so simple, yet so detailed, the finished painting undoubtedly is breathtaking. To be studied so closely and then loved as a result is profoundly sexy. And so is this song.

2. “Secret Garden,” Quincy Jones—So, what do you get when you put James Ingram, Al B. Sure, Barry White and El DeBarge all in one room singing? I’ll tell you what you get: A racing pulse. Anyone who was of age when this song was released in the early 90s understood the popularity of this song. From the first couple of notes whenever it played on the radio, you knew, it’s about to go down in someone’s “secret garden.”

1. “In a Sentimental Mood,” John Coltrane— You spot each other across the room. You know s/he is the one. But all night, you do not speak. Instead, you say everything you need to with your eyes and your body language. You are flirting. Likewise, in this song, there are no words-- just one lovely saxophone telling a tale of the sweetest, sexiest flirting imaginable between two people.

Have any songs you'd like to add to the list? We're all waiting!


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