Read Your Putting Line

When golf imitates life

Golf is a game that requires you to be at ease-- One should have a clear mind, removing all stress and distractions from your current state of being and just function in the moment.

The course has eighteen holes ranging from a par 3 to par 5 while some courses only have par 3 holes where one can work on this short game.

The elements of the game are driving, playing the fairway and putting. You can eagle, birdie, bogie, double bogie or albatross a hole in golf and that is based on the amount of shots taken to get the ball from the initial drive off the tee box into the cup.

Today's post is about "putting" and how it applies to our daily lives. When putting the ball, you have to pay attention to the elements of nature and the course itself that may obstruct your ability to get the ball into the cup.  

When putting, you have to read the greens so that you can avoid the hazards of a bad putt. 

Here are some of the things that can make for a great or bad putt:

  • Landscape: This requires you to read the line from where your ball rests to the cup. Look closely to see if there is s tilt, bump or divot in the line from your ball to the cup. I 
  • Debris: There may be debris from trees such as twigs and leaves or chopped grass.  At times you may find little rocks and garbage that the wind blew onto the greens.
  • Wind: If the wind is blowing hard or just gains the direction that you need, this causes your ball to go off course.
  • People: Movement, noise or someone hitting out of turn can break your concentration and cause you to miss the putt.

There are many things in our lives that fall under the title of landscape debris and wind. You have to identify them as such and put them in their proper place or remove them from your direct line to success.

Meditating and being focused on the plan helps you read that line and make the moves necessary to win.

JB August 28, 2012 at 09:00 PM
True that....Some of the debris that obstruct the direct line to success just happens to be human debris. Such as in golf, this debris can easily be removed, although in life to remove human debris can be very physical and challenging....nevertheless debris removal must be done to accomplish your goal.


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