Personal Intent

Intentions are a simple and easy way to make things happen

Dreams become a reality because of intent.

You have hopes and dreams, a desire to be successful and happy. The only way to achieve those goals is by intending to live as such, intending to actively pursue that which is essential to you.

I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to do yoga that day and my intention was to breathe. Simply breathe. . I didn’t want to be in a huff from working and running about.  just wanted to be still and breathe.

Not only did I participate in my first yoga class, but my body responded to the desire to breathe because I became aware of the air, the muscles used to inhale and exhale, the need to be calm, the clarity needed to acknowledge my personal space and power. All I had was the intention to breathe properly that day.

When you wake up in the morning, as you lay still for those minutes of meditation or prayer, add intent to the mix:

  • I intend to work less today
  • I intend to engage my imagination today
  • I intend to smile more today

The intentions are simple but realistic. If you practice this on daily basis, the desires intensify and before you know it, you are working in tandem with the universe.


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