Outlook To Your Outcome

In order to achieve the best end result, you must have an action plan.

There is a popular quote that has been used and misused for decades; "Your outlook dictates your outcome." This holds true if and when there is action applied.

There are those who agree with the quote and others who disagree because of their personal past and present experiences which all but negates statement. Some people believe that thought without action yields good results.

That is incorrect, hence the disappointments that they experience. You must believe that in order to get the best end result, you must have an action plan.

Think about a few things: 

  • You have to actively play the lottery in order to win big and take home the millions.
  • You have to actively network within the scope of your profession/net-worth in order to acquire the prosperity that you seek.  
  • You must take extra steps in order to step into the realms that you seek. [Classes, workshops etc].  

Your outlook is the way you want things to be and unless you put hard work and dedication to task, you will not get the perceived outcome. Look at your favorite artist or business owners, who are successful in their respective fields, what's the common thread?

  1. Dedication
  2. Perseverance 
  3. Courage 
  4. Thirst for knowledge
  5. Positive and determined purview of situations.

Take a minute to write down what you want to achieve and check the list above. Do you have what it takes? Be completely honest with yourself and then take the necessary steps to becoming successful. 

"I think therefore I am"-- Renee Descartes 

Til your cup runs over,Karen St. Hilaire, PresidentKadence LLC 


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