One Team and One Goal

Work with your team and watch them work for you!

Super Bowl XLVII has been rated the third most-watched show in television history, with over 108 million people tuning in.

Some tuned in for the much anticipated commercials, others for Beyonce at half time. And then there were the folks who tuned in for a sibling rivalry gone viral, as both teams were coached by two brothers.

Adding to this element was the captivating personality of Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens. He announced his retirement late last year and set his sights on the Super Bowl. Fueled by his faith and his fiery leadership approach, he pumped his team into a winning mindset. The team was wired to win and that's how they ran into the Mercedez Benz Superdome. 

Just like Ray, you should want your team to work hard for a winning result and you must motivate. You should tie in your goals with that of the team and encourage others to do the same.

What eventually will happen is everyone will have a winning attitude and will work on one accord.

Work with your team and watch them work for you. Go for the win!!


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