Kosher Supermarket Debuts on Dekalb

Green Fresh Kosher Supermarket held its grand opening today

A new Kosher Supermarket has quietly debuted on Dekalb Avenue.

Green Fresh Kosher Supermarket, located at 527 Dekalb Avenue (between Bedford and Skillman), held its grand opening today.

Green Fresh joins and on Myrtle Avenue, as well as on Flushing Avenue, to become only the fourth Kosher supermarket in Northern Bed-Stuy.

The store’s owner Mr. El, displayed great hesitence in speaking about the opening of his new store, except to say that it will offer all of the popular Kosher brands its neighbors have come to know and love, and it promises to be well stocked.

Crates of produce and boxes of dried food lined the sidewalk outside of the store, as Mr. El stood at the store's entrance, pulling on his beard while directing the order and placement of the items inside.

Some of the well-known Kosher brands filling the shelves include Kimach dried legumes, Landau’s, Osem’s soups, Shibolim, Wolff’s Kasha, Dagim and Gefen canned fish, Mehadrin's Yogurts and New York Kosher Deli meats.  

The space, newly renovated and approximately 600 square feet, is bright, clean orderly and inviting. It also carries freshly brewed coffee, fresh produce, breads, milk, eggs, cheese and cereals-- many of the familiar brands of staples purchased at non-Kosher markets.

Green Fresh Kosher Supermarket is open Sunday through Friday, from 8:00am – 8:00pm.

Joe Gonzalez November 09, 2011 at 12:39 AM
Ms. Zawadi Morris: Why didn't you ask the Hasidic owners of the referenced store how is it they open a store in a Black neighborhood but refuse to hire ANY Blacks? From the construction workers fixing up that location to the current store laborers, all the Hasids have ever hired at that location & seemingly all of the other stores in Bed-Stuy that are Hasidic-owned are non-English speaking folks who just arrived from Mexico. Moreover there are about fifty Mexicans living illegally in 182 Skillman Street (corner of Willoughby Avenue) in Bed-Stuy. Why don't you go look at the location and see for yourself.
sandy November 09, 2011 at 12:52 AM
interesting. They know that they have enough of a maket to support their store. The new housing has crept of from Williamsburg to right here and there are thousands more to add to the customer base. They know that most african-american's won't shop in their stores anyway (maybe 10%). Plus there are other new arrivals in the new gentrification base that would also shop there. It would be good if they added more employees from the neighborhood.
abe stein November 11, 2011 at 01:04 AM
nice store
abe stein November 11, 2011 at 01:31 AM
In respond to your racist comments against Jews and Mexicans. Mr. Joe Gonzalez Have you ever tought why blacks are not hired for construction jobs. Put on your thinking hat for one minute. Do you have any knowledge what the coalition is all about. When was the last time that you can show me when blacks hired white construction guys. Second. Your so concerned about the fifty Mexicans living at 182 Skillman street. I am sure that you did a head count. Truthfully it's none of your dam business. Why don't you go out and do a days work instead of criticizing on the Mexicans. It's time for you to get your empty life toghter.
Joe Gonzalez November 12, 2011 at 01:51 AM
I did not post racist comment against Jews and Mexicans. It is a fact that Hasidic Jews DO NOT hire Blacks. Blacks do not owe construction companies so they cannot hire Jews. Blacks folks' tax money is included in the six billion dollars a year that the US government sends to Israel each year dressed up as "US foreign aid". Moreover, Blacks in the US MILITARY RISK THEIR LIVES & SOME BLACKS HAVE EVEN DIED PROTECTING ISRAEL-SO SPARE ME THIS "BLACKS DON'T LIKE JEWS LIE. The fifty Mexicans illegally residing at 182 Skillman Street Corner of Willoughby Avenue in Bed-Stuy are the cheap labor currently working in area Hasidic businesses--that also is a fact.
abe stein November 14, 2011 at 07:19 PM
Dear Mr. Joe Gonzalez I am a local businessman and I own a couple of business in the bedford Sty. area. I might have to disagree with you that Jews don't hire blacks. I myself employ about forty five to fifty blacks and I do admire and give them the highest respect by doing a hard work. Yes.. I agree with you that some of the blacks in the US Military risk there lives and some blacks have even given there lives by protecting our country. In the interim we also have a lot of white solders as well. we have to keep these solders every day in our prayers. As far as the Mexicans residing at 182 Skillman Street. I have to tell you joe that with my experience which I did research on the Mexican labor, I don't think that any Jewish business would hire Mexicans with out producing a social security number. To sum up.. I think that you should not be upset about an upcoming Jewish kosher supermarket it's only a plus for our community. Maybe one day you will decide to do your grocery shopping at 527 Dekalb avenue after all the food there is very fresh and your welcme to come Good Luck. All The Best
Joe Gonzalez November 14, 2011 at 09:23 PM
Dear Mr. Stein You are a clown. I never said Jews don't hire Blacks-read my above two postings. I said HASIDIC Jews dont hire Blacks. There are several branches of the Jewish tree ie Conservative. Orthdoxy, Reform and Hasidic among others. I argue the most anti-Black of all Jews are the Hasidic Jewish community. I am not sitting around waiting for Hasidic Jews to admit hatred of Blacks--instead I know it by the fruit it bears. Hasidic Jews move into Bed-Stuy (unfortunately) & open many stores in recent years & I dont see one Hasidic Jewish store in Brooklyn that hires Blacks. They hire either other Hasidic Jews or they hire non English speaking illegal aliens who recently arrived from Mexico. Please reveal which Hasidic Jewish owned stores, if any, that hire Blacks? State the location. State, if you know, what does Israel do with the six billion dollars of U.S. Foreign aid she draws each year? Finally your "research" on the Mexican labor market fails to answer the question of fifty Mexicans living in the two story building at 182 Skillman Street. The fact of the matter is, that building houses about fifty illegal aliens from Mexico who labor in local Hasidic businesses.


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