Make Some Lemonade

consistency requires commitment

To be consistent requires a level of commitment to oneself and in ones intentions.  

You may desire for a person to commit to working out and getting in shape, but, unless they are ready to do so on their own terms in their own way, it won’t happen. They will be like pop-up-shops-- in it for a minute and then they’re gone.

As family and friends, we have to not only respect the individual’s point of view; we should also exercise patience with them.

A reader asked me to post on people's inconsistency with exercising, particularly when they know it's an important factor in their lives but they don't stick to it.

It bothers her that individuals are so lackadaisical about healthy living. There are many factors that can attribute to the inconsistent behavior of the individual and main factor is commitment.

Being committed to something requires a person to have a full buy-in and much interest in the end result. The idea of being consistent is like making lemonade: you need the lemons (commitment) water (contentment) sugar (motivation) and a container (support).  

When the person is committed and they are content with the idea of working on something, they just need motivation and support to go the mile.

So, instead of being frustrated with someone, make some lemonade and talk about it.


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