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Don’t be afraid to admit when it's time to walk away

This week, the Pope Benedict announced he is retiring on February 28, 2013, his reasons being diminishing health and advancing age.

Abdication or resignation has not happened for six centuries before with ailing and aging Popes. However, this move by the Pope to resign comes with a great degree of respect from leading theologians.

A true leader knows when to stay, I am tired and it’s time for a change. 

Knowing your limitation (and when to step down) is essential to the success of any businesses or entity. Your community not only will respect you more, they will trust your decisions and further honor your leadership.

According to an article “12 Distinguishing Qualities that Define True Leaders” by Henry S. Givray, President of Smith Bucklin, in theToastmasters.org, true leaders measure success through the success of all of those they serve, including customers, employees, shareholders and communities.

And they live by a fundamental tenet: that service to others is the highest honor and greatest obligation of a true leader. He also went on to state that self-awareness comprises both self-knowledge and self-confidence.

Having strong self-knowledge means you possess clear, intimate understanding and insight into 1. who you are and what and why you think and feel (i.e. what’s inside you that may be hidden to others); and 2. what you do and how you do it (i.e. what others see).

Don’t be afraid to admit when it's time to walk away. You may end up leaving with more than you had when you were in that leadership role.

Groom your successor in the family and business knowing that you are, above all, committed to growth and a strong legacy!


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