Try something new during this notorious month of love… love yourself!

J’dore myself. (No really, pinky swear!)

So we have arrived at another February, and there’s a lot to celebrate.

It’s no longer January for starters. It’s Black History Month, and for the lovers in the house, Valentines Day. Now for the lonely folks, well, let’s just say we’re glad it’s the shortest month of the year.

But I must say I’m going to try something new during this notorious month of love… loving MYSELF!

If what we want is kindness, we should show kindness to others. If what we want is compassion, we should jump at every opportunity to help others. If what we want is a deeper more passionate love, we should start by loving ourselves at the core of who we are.

Not where we want to or hope to be… but where we are in this moment. And if this moment doesn’t involve tight abs, embrace them by really loving your self emphatically and unapologetically.

How many of you have asked someone to love you for who you are, flaws and all? “Accept me as I am, I have cellulite!” Okay well maybe that was my plea, but I know I’m not alone out here.

The question is, can we really ask that of someone if we haven’t really accepted our bodies as ourselves? If we can’t laugh at our laugh lines, can we really ask that of our love interest?

I was having a conversation with a friend and I mentioned that my post-baby body is “different,” and he was taken aback. He was shocked that I had any issues with my body, and for the first time I really heard how crazy I sounded.

After a few surgeries and childbirth, should I expect to look the same? I really thought about the miles of living I’ve endured on my journey so far and how this slight and slim frame of mine has carried the weight of small mountains, fought illnesses, nursed my son, danced professionally, jumped hurdles, hiked canyons and outrun dogs.  

Have we not come through some trying situations on the other side, shocked, but empowered we lived to tell? Why aren’t those the things we celebrate when we look at ourselves? Aren’t our changing faces and strands of silver peeking out from around our temples indicative of someone who is really living a full life?

Perhaps we could all do ourselves a favor and conduct countless rituals of loving thoughts and behaviors aimed directly at our hearts. It’s a lot of work being your worst critic, so let’s all ease up a bit. Try not to cringe when walking past a mirror or reflective glass.

...Besides, we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when we have Instagram to make it all better.

Danica J. February 11, 2013 at 06:05 PM
I love me too! Thanks for reminding us all that being in love with ourselves is truly "the greatest love of all!"


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