It's Makeup, Not Rocket Science!

Makeup is not as complex as most women think.

During my eighteen years as a makeup artist, women from all walks of life ask me to either offer a few makeup tips they could use on a daily basis or help them find ways to update their look.

And since I’ve been writing beauty columns, I am flooded with tons of questions and concerns. So after years and years of working in the beauty industry, I decided to take every bit of advice I could think of and compile them in a book!

Earlier this month, I launched my first e-book, “Its makeup, Not Rocket Science!”

If you ever wanted to find a “how-to” book that will show you how to paint your face step-by-step, this is it. My focus is to educate women on skincare and simplify how to work each facial feature. Trust me: By the time you finish each chapter, your life will change forever!

To give you a little tease of the book, here is one of my favorite tips you can try:

One major concern women have is selecting the right foundation. Until recently, so many cosmetic companies missed the mark with offering a variety of shades; and because of this, there were a lot of skin tones that appeared “off.”  

To avoid this, select a foundation by choosing a shade and matching it to the lower jaw.  Applying it to the jaw line allows you to see if the foundation blends with your neck as well as your face.  If possible, use natural daylight and a mirror when checking to see if you have a match.

If the foundation disappears into the skin, you have found your perfect shade!

For sheer to medium coverage, apply the makeup with your fingers or a brush. Apply to the cheeks, t-zone and chin, then blend until it disappears. For full coverage, use a sponge and stipple it into place.

This simple step will keep you from looking “made up.” The idea is not to show product sitting on top of skin, but to create the illusion of an even skin tone. Always remember when wearing makeup, less is more.

Makeup is not as complex as most women think. I am more than happy to address some of your concerns regarding makeup and skin care. Please feel free email me your questions and I will be sure to answer them in my next column!

And oh yeah, don't forget to pick up a copy of my latest book, "I'ts Makeup, Not Rocket Science," now available on Amazon.


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