Family Planning Options

Your plans should include options that will satisfy the needs of both you and your family

Life gives you options and the choice is yours to make wise decisions.

When making choices we must think of pros and cons of our decisions and how it affects our personal lives. 

There are times we make decisions that we think are best for our family without consulting them. That may not be a wise decision, as it may not be what they want. In those instances, you have to revisit the plan. 

Your original plan should include options that will satisfy the needs of both you and your family. This may include having a conversation with them, knowing what they would like and what they would agree for you to do when the time comes to make a decision that affects them.

Three steps to preparing a family plan:

  1. Decipher the needs of your family members and research the options available. 
  2. Assess the pros and cons of the available options and select the top (any number of) choices. 
  3. Get feedback from each family member with regard to the options, so that you will know how each choice will affect each individual. 

Communication and planning are essential when making choices for yourself and for your family. There are times that the options presented will not benefit any of you.

You can either opt out of choosing, or choose the option that addresses issues closest to your needs


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