Enjoy Nature's Moments

Let go of stress and let nature's elements help you through the dilemma

Growing up, I remember watching a weekly television show called "In Search Of" that was devoted to mysteries and phenomena.

Hosted by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek Fame, the show would take on the mysteries of the Lochness Monster, Titanic and UFOs to name a few and try to find answers using nature and sci-fi.  

As a twelve year old, that show gave me life and made me think of ways to solve nature's mysteries.

Today there is no "In Search Of" to help you find answers to the personal mysteries that take place in your life, but the various techniques used to solve or explain the mysteries still exist today.

When the story is about you and your personal growth or life issue, nature and her elements: wind, rain, fire and earth bring forth answers as long as we have an open mind.

Think about it: When you forget about the inconvenience of walking in the wind rain or mud, it can be a fun thing to do. Even sitting by the fire is fun and relaxing. So the trick is to basically let go of the stress and worries and let the elements help you through the dilemma. 

If you can walk outdoors, try the following:

  • Let the rain fall on your face
  • Breathe in the crisp air
  • Feel the wind as it brushes against your skin

This allows you to block all thoughts as you pull your self to the live moment of consciousness when you experience every emotion in real-time. Like everything else, the rain cleanses your thoughts, the wind blows off all the mental debris and the crisp air gives you a sense of newness.

You will notice a smile and childlike emotions of freedom. Believe it or not, you will make time to do this again every time the weather affords the opportunity. Read more Here


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