Karen's Weekly Words of Wisdom: Creating Your Own Story

What details would you want to be included?

When life hands you a typewriter, honey, write your story and be detailed in conveying the correct meaning. 

Think of how the public will read and interpret it when you are no longer around. How will the public receive your story?

The story of your personal life is yours to create and the moments are etched in your memories. As you read this, you still have time to create some new memories and experiences with family and friends.

Every great epic story needs a score and we can choose songs from your childhood or we can create your own tunes.  If you can think back on an event or situation and the song that was popular back then, or even a current tune that reminds you of the moment, add it to the score.  Sometimes the song adds that lasting effect to the story.

Here's are five quick steps to writing your story :

1) Create the memories.

2) Write the story.

3) Attach the music.

4) Publish your own story.

5) Teach others how to read it.

Think about your life story and how it will be written, interpreted and of course the soundtrack.
Encouraged to inspire,Karen St.Hilaire, PresidentKadence LLC

About Karen St.Hilaire: Karen St. Hilaire is a certified life coach and the president of Kadence LLC. A former Bed-Stuy resident, Karen now resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. To learn more about Kadence, visit her website.


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