Billion-Dollar You

Know the worth of your brand!

Yesterday morning the news reports streamed that Swatch Brand acquired the Harry Winston Luxury jewelry line for $1 Billion.

For some people in the United States, that was a shocker. Someone on my Twitter timeline stated that the move synonymous to "Target acquiring Hermes." There were many who commented in agreement because they only know of the Swatch sporty, colorful brand that most people wore. 

The truth of the matter is that the 

Swatch Group is a top Swiss Watchmaker. According to the New York Times Deal Book, they own not only the brand that makes colorful plastic watches but also upscale names that include Omega, Breguet and Blancpain. Swatch also controls the bulk of the sector’s production of watch movements after buying several makers of components.

When you interact with individuals in one capacity, they will project your brand as they know it to be. Others who know you in a different way may take offense or say something offensive characterizing you incorrectly. 

You have to know the worth of your brand when you make the Billion-Dollar Moves. Everyone will give their personal spin on what they think is really happening. You can eclipse it all by being consistent in all areas of your life. Adopt that common denominator that will magnify that sat studded brand.

Remember: You have personal power! Tap into it, used it and make the big moves that will shock the masses!


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