Beauty Works: Moisturizers Vs. Moisture Serums

Besides cost, what's the difference between moisturizers and moisture serums?

Combating the signs of aging is a process that has taken place for centuries.

It is a concern shared by all adults who want younger-looking skin, but in many cases, live unhealthy lifestyles.

Cigarette smoking, excessive drinking and lack of water all contribute to dull, blotchy and dehydrated skin.

Skincare companies are forever promising the “fountain of youth” by promoting endorsements to individuals who are willing to use whatever product that claims to make them look 20 years younger. But, how is this possible if there were never any preventative measures taken in the beginning?

It is not the end of the world, for there are some options that can slow the aging process and, in some instances, turn back the hands of time. The quest for the best antidote has led to the discovery of the following products.

Besides drinking water and a healthy lifestyle, moisturizers and moisture serums are the main factors for having youthful skin. Some believe they are the same product, however that's not the case.

The difference between the two is that serums deliver nutrients while moisturizers deliver only moisture. And although moisturizers have great benefits, the molecules are much larger, therefore it will not deeply penetrate the skin like a serum.

Serums have smaller molecules that move well below the skin's surface. They also repair damage due to sun exposure and even tone and texture, which is a huge plus considering how much people love to tan.

Some serums contain Vitamin A that is used as  a catalyst for the product  to work at its full potential. Using both moisturizers and moisture serums will certainly produce results because the serum acts as an accelerator for the moisturizer.

A more holistic approach for minimizing the “appearance” of aging would be the use of natural resources. For example, not only is a Prickly Pear good enough to eat, its oil easily penetrates the skin while brightening and evening the skin's texture.

Topically, Prickly Pear oil can heal skin ailments and boost the rejuvenation of cells. The oils are extracted from the seed through an elaborate, cold pressing process, confirming  why this highly effective product is expensive in its most concentrated formula.

Yes, the pure form of Prickly Pear oil is a bit pricey, but the good news is many beauty brands offer a watered down, less expensive yet favorable alternative. One serum in the beauty market noted that their revolutionary product contained Cactus pectin (found in the cell walls of cactus plants) which guarantees moisturization and the disappearance of fine lines and age spots.

An expert from another company backs the benefits if their new serum, describing it as the “youth activator.” From what was explained, its job is to reactivate the proteins the skin loses as a person begins to age, giving that ageless glow.

Keep in mind the application process is equally important to achieving incredible results. Just remember when using a serum of any kind, always apply a pea-sized amount to the entire face before the moisturizer. This along with adjusting one's habits will definitely increase the chances of winning the battle agains the signs of aging.


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