Attach Yourself to Opportunity

Each year there should be growth in your story-- Devon Franklin, author of "Produced by Faith"

A few months ago, I read a book “Produced By Faith” by Devon Franklin, and it was simply amazing.

There were so many nuggets in this book that I felt the need to share my experience with friends. The concept marries one's faith with their career and to make it even better, the story is told as a movie production.

As I read through the book, I thought of various people, men and women in my circle that could use such wisdom in their everyday lives. I would write my friends’ name on a “sticky” next to the part that resonated to me with them.

The idea of so many people coming to mind as I read the book moved me to arrange a brunch to share our thoughts over mimosas. Those who read the book agreed to re-read it and others promptly downloaded the e-book version of Produced By Faith.

What was obvious was that we all wanted to pour into each other what we learned.

Having the right people in your life allows you the benefit of having doors opened for you because of partnership. 

Check the cast members in the movie of your life and be sure that they have a win for you in mind. 

Attach yourself to opportunity!! 

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