Amending Fall Fun

Enjoying the season you're in

As the summer folds and the crisp winds and colorful leaves of fall over take our days, our focus should be on enjoying the time before the real chill comes our way.

We have time to work in the mega summer 2012 bucket-list which included: two rooftop parties, four barbecues, a family vacation, two road trips and a night out with friends. 

You still have time. Amendments are fun; apply them to your list by including indoor events. Visit the museum as one of the night out with friends. Make one of the road trips a ride through the Adirondacks with the family to experience nature’s greatness.

Go to the sports complex and do some rock climbing and bungee jumping.  

It's all amending the list to fit the season.  

These things will bring laughter and fun to your personal life while reinvigorating you for your business ventures.


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