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Middle School Individual Subject Tutoring

Does your son or daughter need help in math, science or other subjects?

Whether you have a 5th grader struggling with basic math, or a 12th grader shooting for an "A" in advanced placement (AP) chemistry, Esoteric Academic Solutions can help. Our experienced instructors work one-to-one to ensure that each child achieves his or her academic goals.

As, a parent or guardian you know that high-quality subject tutoring works! You also know that high-quality tutoring complements great teaching. That is the reason why we created Esoteric Academic Solutions (EAS), in order to offer parents (of children Grades 5-12) the highest quality academic enrichment service, at an affordable price, in the convenience of our offices, your home, or your local library.

Our subject tutoring platform employs the latest in educational research, in building student's skills for achievement, enhances a student's connection to the classroom, and increases the student's motivation and confidence. We believe our academic enrichment services set the new standard of support for your child-the very best of tutoring programming during out-of-school time.

In the first half of the school year classes may seem easy, but they increasingly pick up the pace and level of difficulty, as the semester progresses. Setting a regular scheduled appointment with an EAS Tutor, for just three to five hours a week, can ensure that your child stays on track and excels when doing their difficult schoolwork. EAS Tutor can help with review of concepts that are confusing, assist in preparing for tests and quizzes, and help your children develop an organization system for keeping track-of and completing assignments and projects.

Who can benefit most from EAS subject tutoring?

  • Subject tutoring is supplemental learning for a specific subject. Typically, the students in the following situations can benefit from subject tutoring:
  • Students who recently began having difficulty with particular subjects, such as: algebra or chemistry, but were doing well in the past.
  • Students who want to maintain their grade, but are concerned that without extra help they will fall behind.
  • Students who want to improve a letter grade, for example from a "B" to an "A," or from a "C" to a "B".
  • Students who need the reinforcement and study skills that a tutor provides.
  • Students who need help with homework.

EAS is available for all subject areas including AP courses, high-level math, science, study and organization skills, and ACT/SAT Test Prep. EAS subject tutoring begins with strengthening our student's cognitive skills. Over 80% of students struggling to learn or read, is directly linked to one or more weak cognitive skills. We specialize in identifying weak cognitive skills, and correcting deficiencies through a one-on-one innovative web based assessments and instructional solutions, for students of all age groups.

Our EAS Subject Tutors will help students:

  • Have the expertise in the subject your student needs help in
  • Allow the student to ask questions and get clarification on trouble areas
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the entire school year
  • Be a great role model as well as a great tutor
  • Teach, have fun and expand the student's horizon
  • Plan, organize, brainstorm and complete the work assignment(s)
  • Read effectively and efficiently
  • Write fluently and structured essays
  • Learn and apply math skills
  • Extract important information
  • Communicate more effectively with teachers
  • Become motivated to be life-long learners
  • Feel more confident about learning and the now acquired learning skills
The first step to resolve learning issues is to begin by researching the root of the problem. What are your NEXT STEPS:
  • Schedule a diagnostic assessment and a subject assessment
  • Understand your child's strengths and weaknesses
  • Allow us to help you create the roadmap, based on assessment results for your child's success.

EAS Tutors: Offering Hope to Families

Because our Diagnostic Learning Assessments addresses and identifies weak cognitive skills, it can be a life-changing solution for families. The impact is seen in families where young children and teens are struggling with schoolwork, in class and at home. Families say that with stronger metacognitive skills, learning stops being the challenge it once was. They say that, with stronger cognitive skills, their children accomplish the following:

  • Spend less time on homework
  • Get better grades
  • Like school better
  • Are less frustrated
  • Have more confidence
  • Remember facts and instructions better

Contact us today to schedule your child with an EAS Subject Academic Tutors,so that your child can start the second half of the school year STRONG!

Flexible scheduling is available during the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: 3-9pm
  • Saturday: 9am-5pm
  • Sunday: 1-5pm
At Esoteric Academic Solutions we believe that every child has the potential to be an "A" student, with the right direction and preparation tools. We look forward to providing your child with the necessary tools to excel!

"Preparing our Students for Success in a Global Age"

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