2013 Fall High School Studying and Learning Strategies Skills Workshops


EAS' Learning and Academic Resources Enrichment Presents:

2013 Fall High School Studying and Learning Strategies Skills Workshops

Effective study strategies are the gateway to high school success, graduation, and college entry. Poor study and learning habits can keep even bright students from many important opportunities that would otherwise enable them to realize their potential. For many high school students who have learning and/or attention difficulties, studying is an overwhelming challenge. Consider your child's current study skills; he/she may not know what to study or how to approach studying, may have difficulty remembering the information even when he has studied, may have trouble expressing what he knows (especially in essays). If your child struggles with these problems, he/she is far from unique.

Please enroll your child today in our fall semester Study Skills workshop series. We guarantee that this program will help youth as they learn effective strategies and techniques for improving their grades, by boosting their confidence as they:

Discover how their learning style affects test-taking, focusing, subject-matter challenges, procrastination, organization, and more.

Learn proven techniques and strategies to enhance learning style, engage more of their brain's capabilities, build confidence, and improve performance.

Incorporate new concrete behavior and skills into their everyday work, taking action to improve their academic standing.

The Study Skills courses will help students increase their understanding of how they learn best, and develop time-tested skills to improve academic performance. Many students do well in class, but lack this systematic approach that helps them develop self-confidence and testing skills.

For students who suffer from Test Anxiety, (i.e. they know the material but freeze when it comes to tests), this course has proven extremely effective.

Topics Covered:

  • Habits of Successful High School Students
  • Organizing Your Study Time, Part One
  • Organizing Your Study Time, Part Two
  • Improving Your Listening Skills
  • Taking Better Lecture Notes
  • How to Predict Test Questions
  • Preparing for Tests
  • Test-Taking Skills
  • More Test-Taking Skills
  • How to Remember for Tests
  • Memory Tricks
  • More Memory Tricks
  • Great Ways to Study
  • More Great Ways to Study



Who will benefit from taking this class?

This course helps entering ninth graders adapt to the increased rigor of high school, and supports 10th through 12th graders to be prepared for both classroom studies, and the many forms of standardized testing. Students will learn to reduce their stress, improve their self-confidence, and improve their classroom performance. This skills-based approach helps students move to the next level of competency, whether they are struggling, or taking advanced level classes.

Study Skills Workshops Cost:

$25 for individual classes

$275 for the entire Workshop Series

Free for students who enrolled in EAS subject tutoring or test prep packages


Nathaniel Haynesworth M.S.

Days and Times:

Classes begin 5:30pm every Monday from September 16th to December 16th


Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch:

10 Grand Army Plaza (Eastern Pkwy & Flatbush)

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