Slice of Bed-Stuy

Cheese pizza in Bed-Stuy under $3

The number-one way to eat a cheap lunch in the city is to buy a slice of cheese pizza. It’s delicious, filling and full of greasy goodness.

That being said, pizza also is one of the most unhealthy meal options out there. Every bite is packed with carbs and fatty cheeses. And please, don’t try and tell me that the tomato sauce is a viable substitute for fruits and vegetables.

However, once in a while, when you are on the run and nothing sounds better than oozing cheese and dripping tomato sauce, it might be time to spring for a classic New York cheese slice. When this time comes, you want to be sure to get a piece of pizza that is worth the calorie count.

What makes a perfect slice of New York style pizza? Let’s break it down to the elements:

Foldability: New York slices should be quite large, and so you want to be sure that the base has enough of a crunch while still folding in half for a less messy meal.

Sauce: New York style pizza is light on the sauce, just enough to give it a good tomato flavor without overpowering the cheese or crust.

Cheese: I prefer the cheese melted into the slice, rather than a somewhat rubbery layer on top that all comes off with the first bite.

Crust: The crust has to be the perfect combination of soft and chewy, with a crispy bite.

Here are five cheese slices in Bed-Stuy that I recommend for under $3.

Sam’s Pizza
486 Dekalb Avenue
This pizza is a bit thicker than the others, which makes eating it easier. The pie itself doesn’t have that fresh, crispy, bite I love so much, but the cheese and sauce are flavorful.

Mike’s Pizza
905 Myrtle Avenue
Although the cheese slid almost entirely off my pizza as a pulled it out of the bag, I thoroughly enjoyed recollecting the cheese and rolling up the pizza in a burrito shape and eating it (maybe not the best etiquette, but luckily no one was around to see me do it). Each bite has a decided crunch that compliments the soft cheese and sauce well.

Gino’s Pizzeria
585 Myrtle Avenue
The cheese slice at Gino’s is perfect for folding and taking big, cheesy bites. The pizza itself is thin with a thick layer of cheese, and the crust has a soft, warm center.

Tony’s Pizza
528 Nostrand Avenue
The restaurant offers a multitude of shakers with various toppings for the pizza. There was onion, garlic, oregano, parmesan, pepper, and red pepper as well as others. After seasoning the slice to perfection, I particularly enjoyed the blending of the cheese and sauce, which melt right into the pie and bubble up into wonderful, crunchy bites.

Nice Pizza
340 Franklin Avenue
This pizza is by far my favorite. The slices are almost paper thin with trace amounts of sauce, and the pie itself is  like a soft cracker. The cheese is mild and less salty than some other places, which makes the pizza seem fresh and light. A slice is $2, but for an additional fifty cents, you can get a pile of gourmet vegetables in the center of the slice, including eggplant and artichoke hearts.


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