From Chocolate to Goat Cheese: The Best Filled Croissants in the Neighborhood

Chocolate croissants, almond croissants, goat cheese and herb croissaints, cream cheese croissants, and more.

A while back, I wrote an article about . I had chosen plain croissants, but the whole time I was tempted by the other pastries in the cafe or bakery, particularly the other croissants. Chocolate croissants, almond croissants, strawberry croissants - sitting there oozing with wonderful fillings and beckoning me to try them. I couldn’t resist.

So this weeks top five is dedicated to the best filled croissants in the neighborhood. If you are a pastry fan, here is your Bed-Stuy Croissant dictionary:

5. Kara’s Artisan Bakery - 1003 Broadway
It is essential that you get your croissant early in the morning and eat it when it is fresh, because Kara’s is a little bready and it gets old quick. But straight out of the oven, the strawberry croissant here has a sweet jam filling that adds a delicious sweetness to the croissant without tasting artificial.

4. Skylight Deli and Grocery - 1126 Fulton Street
On the corner of Fulton and Franklin there is a bodega that sells cheese croissants, filled with a sweet cream cheese. The croissants are made daily, and I love the creamy filling that compliments the soft, flaky crust. A total steal at $1.25.

3. - 395 Classon Avenue
Of course Nero Doro would offer nothing less than a beautiful, decadent almond croissant, decorated in confectioners sugar and slivered almonds. The crispy, flaky croissant has a almond filling that isn’t too sweet, and goes perfectly with your morning coffee.

2. Athom’s Cafe - 1096 Broadway
This cafe on Broadway offers a few different kinds of croissants, but the one I couldn’t turn down was the goat cheese, herbs, and tomato filled croissant. For $4, this croissant is practically a meal. The soft, slightly crispy crust is filled with a thick layer of soft goat cheese, mixed with fresh herbs. As if this isn’t enough, large slices of fresh tomato are also packed in there, making for a wonderful savory pastry that is both filling and refreshing.

1. - 370 Tompkins
I will never forget this chocolate croissant. Yes, it is small, and yes, it isn’t jam packed with chocolate. But the croissant here is such a perfect creation, with it’s flaky layers of soft, buttery crust, surrounding rich, dark chocolate. Le Table Exquise turns a pastry into a delicacy, and that’s exactly how you feel when you eat the chocolate croissant here. And for $2.50, I can say right now that every chocolate lover in Bed-Stuy, even every chocolate lover in Brooklyn, has to try this croissant.


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