Brooklyn Piling On Chain Stores Faster Than Anyone

How does Bed-Stuy rank among chain-saturated neighborhoods?

It's getting harder to shop local every day in Brooklyn, according to a new report on the Center for an Urban Future. 

The report, picked up today by Brokelyn, among others, showed that growth of chain stores is happening faster in Brooklyn than any other part of the city. There are nearly 3 percent more chain stores in Brooklyn this year than there were last year, the most growth of any borough.

In fact, the home of Times Square itself — Manhattan — actually has less chain stores in 2013 than it did in 2012. 

Things aren't as bad as they could be. Brooklyn still lags way behind Manhattan in total number of chain stores, with just over 1,500 compared to nearly 2,800.

Across the zip codes that cover Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, there was just one new chain store opening in 2013, with the total number of chains in the region going from 78 to 79, according to the report. Not bad for such a massive land area.


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