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Bring on the Toppings!

Best Specialty Pizza Slices in the Neighborhood

Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone. After spending days in the kitchen toiling away at preparing turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, you probably are ready for something quick, easy, and most of all, cheap.

So for this weeks top five, I have chosen a New York classic and all American favorite -- a good ol’ slice of pizza.

But to make things interesting, I’ve narrowed my focus to the specialty slices - the buffalo chicken pizzas and Hawaiian pizzas of the neighborhood. Not only do these varieties pack more food into each slice to fill you up, but also the often-odd combinations of ingredients can be surprisingly tasty. I went to quite a few spots around the neighborhood, and was surprised to find that Myrtle Avenue had most of my favorites, including a kosher slice from Coffee Break Pizzeria and Bakery.

5. Ganni’s Pizza - 652 Myrtle
I couldn’t resist the pepperoni and bacon pizza at Ganni’s for $3.25. The cheesy, slightly greasy slice was topped with spicy pepperoni and literally covered in bits of smoky, salty bacon, a definite treat for the bacon lovers (which is everyone, right?).

4. Coffee Break Pizzeria and Bakery - 683 Myrtle
For the kosher (and vegetarian) option, the vegetable pizza at Coffee Break is wonderfully fresh, with onions, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and dried herbs. This is a slightly breadier pizza, with a thick layer of cheese that compliments the veggies well. $4 a slice.

3. Nice Pizza - 340 Franklin
For a more upscale slice at no extra cost, try La Reine from Nice Pizza. For $3 you get a super thin crust pizza, French style, with thin sliced mushrooms, onion, and chunks of ham with oregano sprinkled on top. The flavors of this pizza are subtler and more delicate than the others, a delicious alternative.

2. Rocco’s III - 330 Halsey
The new Rocco’s on Halsey offers a Chicken Caesar Salad slice. And while making a pizza out of a salad doesn’t quite seem right, this slice was incredibly tasty, topped with lettuce, long strips of grilled, breaded chicken, Parmesan, and Caesar dressing. The creamy, savory dressing compliments the chicken perfectly, and doesn’t overpower the taste of the pizza. Plus, the iceberg added a satisfying, fresh crunch.

1. Gino’s Pizzeria - 585 Myrtle
I know that a lot of people aren’t necessarily huge fans of eggplant, but if you like eggplant at all, than you have to get the eggplant parmesan pizza at Gino’s. The slice is covered in huge slices of crispy, breaded eggplant, each topped with basil and marinara, and a large dollop of smooth and creamy ricotta cheese. This heaping pizza is such an undertaking that at $3.75 it’s a total steal.


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