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4 Questions: Wonk

A quick conversation with Bed-Stuy's local merchants

Emily Mcdevitt, store manager of , 581 Myrtle Avenue, between Classon and Kent avenues

Open 2 months

Four Questions:

#1. What do you sell?

A: Custom beds, furniture and home accessories

#2. The store is relatively new to the neighborhood. What can we expect from Wonk?

A: Well actually, we moved here a few months ago from N. 4th Street in Williamsburg. The owner's working now on designing some new pieces, so they should be out sometime this summer, at least by the fall.

#3. What distinguishes this store from any other furniture store, and does he have a signature piece?

A: I would have to say the number-one thing would be that it's a family-owned business, and everything is made in Brooklyn. The owner designs and makes everything himself in his own workshop, so they're all his own paterns.  Everything can be custom-made and altered. I don't know about a signature piece, because they all sell very well. But his beds and his drawers are very popular; they're all very sturdy. But most people who come in really kind of know what they're looking for.

#4. Where did he get the name "Wonk?"

A: It means "Know" backwards; and you know wonk is like something that's kind of quirky and different and smart. And that pretty much personifies the furniture.

Olanna Goudeau May 29, 2012 at 08:18 PM
I have lived in Brooklyn in the past and love to follow what's going on there! I love that the owner makes everything himself. Will keep this place in mind!


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